Oh no, the snow prudes!

You know, some people should really get over their Offendeditis!

The same kind of anti-fun activists who complain about the Pamela Anderson blog ad are everywhere:

She was a frosty Venus de Milo, but one Rahway family’s snow-packed tribute to the Greek goddess of love and beauty was another person’s pornography.

Maria Conneran and her family worked feverishly to fashion their armless, nude snowlady from last week’s heap of snow, grabbing attention and photographs on Rahway’s Colonia Boulevard. . . .
Among the visitors was a patrolman dispatched to the Conneran household after Rahway police received an anonymous complaint “of a naked snow woman,” said Sgt. Dominick Sforza. . . .

“Curvaceous, bodacious and booty-licious,” said Elisa Gonzalez, a court reporter who built the snow goddess with her daughter, Maria Conneran, 21 and son, Jack Shearing, 12. . . .

When the officer arrived, Gonzalez said, he was apologetic and appreciative of the snowlady and her assets.

“He said, ‘It’s very good,’” Gonzalez recalled.

Despite his appreciation, the officer then asked the family to dress the snowlady. Nonplussed, they complied with a green bikini top and a blue sarong around her ample hips.

Some people are just pathetic! Truly sad! Mind your own damned business!



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