You know, Bob Belvedere is right

Bob Belvedere has a fine post about the Left’s smear tactics, and links to Stacy McCain listing of the tactics the Left uses to smear political, and ideological opponents.

Stacy has posted the letter he sent to Allen Estrin, Producer of Dennis Prager’s radio show, that lays out the smear tactics used by the Left to libel conservatives specifically and non-hardcore-Leftists generally.  It is dead solid perfect in its description of what the Left does when confronted by ANY opposition to its ideas and schemes.  It should be required reading for any member of the Right. Here’s one of the tactics:

The ‘Links and Ties’ Method – More than simple guilt-by-association, the Links-and-Ties Method involves presenting a chain of incidental connections to suggest a sympathy of views that does not actually exist. To wit: Target A once spoke at Event B which was sponsored by Group C, co-founded by Person D who once made controversial statement E. By this method, it is implied that Target A actually endorses Statement E.

Yes, this is a very common tactic used by the Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow types. Be sure to read the other tactics as McCain describes them. And understand why the Left uses such tactics. They are unable to debate with logic, reason, or facts. They cannot go back in history and provide examples of when Liberalism/Leftism/Marxism worked, or actually lifted mankind to a better state of existence.

They are advocating for ideals that not only fail, to better life, but, in fact have proved a blight upon mankind. So, they are forced to either admit that they are wrong, or attempt to so smear their opponents that these opponents will be silenced. If their opponents are intimidated into silencing their message out of fear of being called a racist, sexist, etc, then the Leftist has won. If their opponent’s reputation is so soiled by these smears that no one believes them, then, again, the Leftist wins.

To a committed Leftist ANY tactic is OK. Lies, smears, intimidation, personal attacks on character, everything is on the table. The Leftist is a classic bully in many ways. So deeply afraid of being exposed, the bully will do anything to intimidate his target. Stacy McCain, like Bob Belvedere, and me, and many others are not intimidated by these thugs because we know that the harder they bully, and smear, the closer we are to exposing them as frauds!

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