The Great Conservative Debate

Wyblog has the announcement up, and I am certainly looking forward to this. I would love to get in on one of these at some point. I particularly love debates between Conservatives because they are more thoughtful, and polite than debates with most Liberals.

There is a growing group of conservatives who are against the current prosecution of our war on terrorism and our nations foreign policy direction. Many conservatives are in favor of staying the course.

Two excellent bloggers and great friends of WyBlog, The Classic Liberal and Russ from That’s Right are going to battle across the blog-o-sphere in a multi-round, multi-blog debate on this very subject.

Scratcher from Makes My Brain Itch and Steve from are going to moderate the debate.

The Moderators will alternate posting questions on their sites, linking to replies and retorts, and providing a round up of all the punditry.

Then theCL and Russ will post their response and retorts on their respective blogs.

The debate starts Sunday, February 28th at high noon (EST)

Be sure to check out commentary on the debate here and @ Republican Redefined, Present Discontent, Washington Rebel and other fine conservative blogs.

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