The doctor cannot help those who refuse to help themselves

Recently, I, in a bipartisan fashion, reached out to help a “former Republican” who is suffering from Racial Obsession Syndrome. Sadly, as Stacy McCain reports, the man I tried to help,Frank Schaeffer, has apparently gone off his meds, BIG TIME!

Since being whacked upside the head with the Crazy Stick, Frank Schaeffer has descended into a cartoonish stereotype of prissy self-righteous liberalism.

Stacy, being a Southerner, as I am, tends to use phrases such as “Whacked upside the head with a crazy stick”, I have used nearly the same term in referrence to several Leftists. I have often referred to Jimmy Carter, for example, as being beaten with the Stoopit Stick. I have also accused Al Gore of falling out of the Wacky Tree, and hitting every damn branch on the way down.

But, I digress, Stacy offers video evidence of Frank’s descent into lunacy. After watching this, I fear Frank’s ROS might just be devolve into Terminal Stupidity Syndrome.

As you can easily see, Frank is in a very bad way. Hell he cannot even pronounce the word “cretin” correctly anymore. Stacy is trying to help you as I tried Frank.

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