Your Health Care Summit round-up

I do have a regular gig, so, I missed the Obama Kubaki Theatrics today. If you want to know who won, who lost, what was accomplished, and check out some highlights. I have a deal for you. Sit back, open an ice cold beer, or an ice-cold Coke Cherry Zero, as I am enjoying, and let me walk you through the events.

Yankee Phil ahs some doubts as to the veracity of some Liberal claims, and frankly I agree with him.

Over at Wizbang, Dan Karipides breaks dow the media reactions, it looks likes the Republicans did themselves very well, and remember, this is CNN saying so….

Weasel Zippers want us to check out Obama’s Death Stare, which was, apparently aimed at Paul Ryan. The face of bipartisanhip indeed!

Lance has video of Paul Ryan laying out some solid Conservative principles.

Theo has a group photo of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, and two umnamed Democrats

The Other McCain nails Obama for his disastrous showing today, and for his booger digging as well. Smitty thinks he has seen this movie,and Stacy points to a Republican who thinks the Dems should stop and listen to the people! AMEN! Carol is also “digging” into Boogergate

The BlogProf has Speaker Face Lift claiming that ObamaCare is about jobs!

Russ has just one word for today’s circle jerk-USELESS!

Wyatt looks at the very different definition of bipartisan that Harry Reid uses

Pat reminds us that health care is not the only area Obama is trying to wreck America in

Sister Toldjah has another golden quote from Crazy Uncle Joe!

Ruby Slippers has two words for the summit-PONZI SCHEME!

Dan Riehl thinks the president might have cost himself with his arrogance. What? Obama? Arrogant? Naw, no way

Jill: Is that a threat Mr. President?

Public Secrets is insulted!

All Paco cares about is the facts!

Moonbattery catches some douchebaggery from Tom Harkin

As you might expect, the Blogging role Model has been all over the Kabukipalooza!

The Left Coast Rebel dug Paul Ryan today too

JWF catches ABC News catching Obama lying!

HotAir has tons of material on this freaky freak show!

Steve Burri pokes fun at the Summit of Stoopit! But excludes the Gator?

Mike sums up his feelings on ObamaCare

Jamie Jeffords: SHAM!

Doug Ross: Republicans opened a can of whoop-ass!

Carol, of the Closet, loved her some Paul Ryan too, as did American Glob

BCB catches NPR spinning like a top

Clifton looks at ObamaCare 3.0?

Donald Douglas is all for calling a priest

Ace wonders why the bastards will not heed the will of the people!. Well, because they are Marxist bastards I suppose who loathe the people.

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