Jet Pack Rockets Into Production – The Sun

The nightmare morning commute could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the first ever space-age jet packs.

The futuristic traffic jam-beating device will be available to the public shortly after a New Zealand based company was given the all clear to start production.

Martin Aircraft Company – which secured an £8million deal to make the packs this week – aims to produce 500 per year.

(115kg) the jet pack does not require a pilots licence.

It is capable of travelling 30 miles in 30 minutes on a full tank of fuel.

And recent tests have seen the latest model reach heights of up to 2,400 metres and top speeds of 60mph.

Only now has sufficient investment been found for the company to begin production of the craft at an undisclosed site outside New Zealand.

Glenn said the pack could be perfect for the emergency services, private users and even the military.

He said: “This could be life-saving stuff.

“For us this is an excellent commercial step. We have somebody who is willing to put £8m on the table because they believe there is a sizeable market in their country.”

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