Donald Douglas has declared Boob Wars?

It look that way, Donald has thrown down the Gemma Atkinson’s breasts are spectacular card!

Oh my! I retaliate with a bit of Shania Twain’s breasts heaving and bouncing on horseback!

Chris fires a salvo named Jillian

The Reluctant Optimist joins the fray in a big way! Maria Swan indeed!

That’s Right! Russ fires the Cheryl Cole guns!

Theo is also keen on Boob Wars! But, I must say, we never expected him to throw a hot mechanic at us

Uh-Oh! Washington Rebel comes in with guns blazing!

If he wants to go there, I got my  own guns!

And YES, I will play the Salma Card

The Classic Liberal shows no fear of Boob War, or taking any stand! I admire that

19 thoughts on “Donald Douglas has declared Boob Wars?”

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