Oh great! Now the color yellow is causing Offendeditis outbreaks!

Greg Gutfeld tackles the insanity Political correctness!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to enter Crazytown, otherwise known as Atlanta, Georgia – where Asian-American activists are pissed that the city has re-named the train route within its Asian community the “yellow line.” They maintain “yellow” carries a negative connotation among Asians, and want officials to change the name to gold. We went to the color “yellow,” for comment, but as you know, it cannot speak. For yellow is a color. It has no feelings, thoughts, or pulse. It is incapable of racism, because it’s incapable of anything, other than being yellow. I suspect, like other basic colors used to describe train lines (blue, red, green, etc), it’s simply serving a purpose of navigation, without intent to offend.

But let’s ponder the word yellow. It also means “cowardly,” and therefore serves as an insult to everyone. But it’s also the shade of bananas, the phone book and cabs. I hate bananas, phone books and cabs – but I still don’t hate the color. I really hate Coldplay, for their song “Yellow,” makes me violently ill – but I still don’t hate the color. I just hate Chris Martin. And he’s not even yellow. He’s more asparagus green.

My point is, I’m a grown-up. When a producer accuses me of being “short” to a guest, I know she’s not referring to my height. And, I’m practically a midget. Yet, if I get on my tippy toes, I can see the difference.

So I say to you, Center for Pan Asian Community Service, lighten up. I get the sensitivity over the racial nature of the word “yellow,” but you’re better than that. Accusing city planners of racism over a yellow train line makes you look silly. You can argue until you’re blue in the face, turn red with rage, but in the end, yellow is just a color.

Like fuchsia.

Just not as awesome.

And if you disagree with me, then you’re probably Gwyneth Paltrow.

 Brilliant! Way to go Greg! Humor conquers stupidity yet again

Michelle Malkin, who is not as funny as Gutfeld, but much prettier, and a Filipino-American, weighs in on the inanity!

Asian-American grievance-mongers and “diversity” bureaucrats in Atlanta need to justify their existence and their salaries.

They found the perfect opportunity. Cry “yellow!”:

Asian-American activists offended that MARTA re-named the train line into the heart of Atlanta’s Asian community the “yellow line” will take their objections to the transit agency’s chief on Friday.

“Yellow,” as a term for skin color, carries a generally negative, racist connotation among Asians.

MARTA officials were warned by an employee before the name change last October that Atlanta’s burgeoning Asian community would find the term for the line to Doraville offensive.

“Historically, it has had a derogatory intent,” said John Park, an attorney with the nonprofit Center for Pan Asian Community Services in Doraville, just down the hill from the Marta station. “It physically paints a very unattractive picture. I don’t consider myself ‘yellow.’”

Park and other Asian activists plan to meet Friday with MARTA CEO Beverly Scott. They hope MARTA will change the line’s name from yellow to gold.

Scott said Monday that she will go into the meeting with an open mind. “There are very few things in this life that are absolute,” she said.

While Scott did not “in any way want to minimize” the concerns, she said that one MARTA employee’s complaint was not indicative of everybody’s feelings. She added that by the time it was raised, MARTA was ending a year-long process to implement the change. “Everything was printed, we were ready to go,” she said.

The ethnic sensitivity police waited a year to start whining. Now, they’ll spare no expense to disrupt the taxpayer-funded project to assuage hurt feelings and indulge a manufactured outrage

Race pimping, its not just for the NAACP anymore!

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