A proper understanding of our rights

Posts like this one are why The Classic Liberal is a MUST-READ!

Lately, there’s been too much conservative talk about “constitutional rights.”

Why do I say this?

Because there’s no such thing as “constitutional rights!”

Rights are natural, or God-given. You have rights not because of the State or some document. You have rights because you are human.

Our Founding Fathers understood this well, that’s why neither the Declaration of Independence, nor the Constitution, uses any language which implies rights are given, or granted by government.

This is important!

The argument that rights come from the Constitution, implies that rights are granted by government. This is a progressive belief, a Statist belief.

Conservatives and libertarians understand that rights are prior to government, and that a legitimate government is formed only to protect those rights, not to grant them.

One thought on “A proper understanding of our rights”

  1. I think we all agree with you – And I’ve heard or read more than a half dozen quotes of Mr. Obama’s about how he feels the Constitution is limiting what he wants to do and should be changed or ignored to accomplish his agenda…..

    Keep up the good work(s) here – I believe we/you are becoming a chorus instead of the lonely soloists that we were only a short period of time ago!!

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