Your Friday night/Saturday morning reach around

Chris of Wyblog fame, yes, he should be famous, more famous than 90% of the talking heads on TV.  is looking for the storm of the century and linking like a mad man!

Can you smell what Yankee Phil smells?

Wizbang has the Presidential Playoffs? Hmmm

Check out what I have to say about Collectivism at WWTFFD?

Redneck History Month?

Lance pokes fun at a Kennedy

TOTUS is talking about the evils of gun control

Richard McEnroe remembers a classic beauty

This Ain’t Hell offes a bit of Angie Harmon

Theo Spark has an awesome bike!

Stacy is in Alabama, causing all types of problems

Dandelion mentions Obama and monkeys in the same post! RAAAAACISM

The Classic Liberal is a must read blog, and he has bikini babes wrestling in bacon grease too!

Russ says that Palin was wrong about the RetardedGate, I agree, AND Russ also has Hot Babes!

The People’s Cube is, well AWESOME!

Wyatt Earp will never look at breasts the same again!

Pat asks WHO DAT? Who Dat? I believe his name is Manning

Sister Toldjah wonders how a guy named Weiner can call anyone a dick?

Stogie, Ed and I are right there with ya!

Rubly Slippers notes that Al Franken is MAD!

Right of Course notes that Fried Chicken Outrage is just more Leftist BS!

The Reaganite Republican has your dose of laughs

Jill has an important post

Public Secrets exposes the corrupt!

William Teach has some compelling thoughts on the Tea Party Convention

Paco has the stupidity of the Peace Blimp?

Obi’s Sister reflects on the South’s oldest rivalry

Carol, at No Sheeples wonders if Bob Beckel ought to write a book about hos?

Moonbattery is having a bit of caption fun, I do not blame you Mr. President, I would not want to kiss her either.

Michelle, my blogging role model, observes us some more race pimpin’ from a Democrat. What a stunner!

Mark Steyn, a man who is brilliant, wise, and darned funny, brings us a headline we have been waiting for

Could the Kennedy’s go the way of the Dodo Bird? William Jacobnson is looking to make that happen

Liberal Guy gives a much needed laugh 

Left coast Rebel has CNN being, well, CNN

Just One Minute has Obama, being, well Obama

Some very interesting thoughts on Nashville at Jumping in Pools

JWF says happy birthday to a great man

Interesting News Items reports on Obama’s hatred of Sasqauatch sex!

Infidels Are Cool has a shocking poll

 Frank of IMAO ralks about racist food, and really needs someone to introduce him to the greatness of collards

I Own the World has the sad story of a cheerleader without pom poms

Hot Air has more Tebow

Guns and Bikinis has a really cool antique rifle

Dear Obama voters, Grandpa John feels your pain

Gateway Pundit catches Obama in another lie

Mike has a video of a dog that will soon be sad

Jamie Jeffords has his usual reach around

Man the government really DOES charge for everything!

Since when is self-defense abnormal? Since when was the Brady Bunch normal?

Carol has come out of her Closet, so to speak

Bob Belvedere says we are DOOMED!

Donald Douglas talks revolution

A Conservative Shemale appreciates our appreciation

7 thoughts on “Your Friday night/Saturday morning reach around”

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  2. Thanks Gator. And I have to second the Jersey Chris reacharound. It’s good to know I’m not the only one here in the swamp that knows what the hell is going on.

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