Something tells me the Classic Liberal is happy about this

Palin endorses Paul in Kentucky!

Go Sarah, Go!

Sarah Palin’s PAC has just jumped into the Kentucky race to support Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul!

Palin for Paul

UPDATE 4:45 PM: Looks like the answer to this question is yes — Sarah Palin has endorsed Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate GOP primary. Her spokeswoman just sent over this statement from the former Alaska governor: “I’m proud to support great grassroots candidates like Dr. Paul. While there are issues we disagree on, he and I are both in agreement that it’s time to shake up the status quo in Washington and stand up for common sense ideas.”

You Betcha: Palin Endorses Rand Paul in Bitter Kentucky GOP Senate Primary

Maybe she did this just to make Allahpundit’s head explode:

National political icon and conservative leader Sarah Palin has endorsed Dr. Rand Paul in his bid for United States Senate from Kentucky. The Paul campaign has received a generous donation from Governor Palin’s PAC.

Palinistas + Paulistas = Wow. The Kentucky primary is extremely bitter (53 comments on that thread) and the last thing I expect was for Palin to get herself involved in that feud.

I have a friend in Kentucky that is very excited about Rand Paul, and if SArah Palin is on board, that  bodes well for his chance of being e lected. That lady has star power!

You can read about Paul’s stance on the issues at his website and if you are a Kentuckian, decide for yourself


One thought on “Something tells me the Classic Liberal is happy about this”

  1. Sarah Palin is a shrewd operator …

    I read Lew Rockwell every day, and as paleo-libertarians, nobody’s tougher on Republicans (and sometimes conservatives) as they are. Yet, even they all have a soft-spot for Sarah Palin!

    Of course, they love Rand Paul! After all, he’s the son of Ron Paul, who despite people calling him a dummy, has done some of the best work on Austrian economics ever written!

    R.S. McCain is well-versed in Austrian economics too. All conservatives should thoroughly understand Austrian econ – the anti-Keynesians!

    That, and they’re right every single time!

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