Your Sunday Rule 5 post

This will celebrate Rule 5 hotness, some new additions to our blogroll, and serve as a thank you to those who congratulated Ed and I on our 200,000 hit mark.

New to the blogroll, AND serving up hotness is A Conservative Shemale who gives us Yvonne Strahovski, delicious!

Donald Douglas is right about Alessandra Ambrosio the girl needs to eat!

Dave C has been very kind to us, and did you know he is a scientist?

Bob Belvedere reminds us that true beauty is timeless

Another good friend of this blog is Carol, who has many interesting, and shocking things in her Closet!

Patrick Sperry links often as well

The Daily Bayonet is another new adition

Doug Ross is another linker

Jamie Jeffords is always a fine source for pretty ladies

Mike is kind enough to note our 200,000th hit and gives a State of the Blogger Union!

The Founding Bloggers have been sending us some considerable hits of  late. They have an important post about creeping Socialism too.

Government Mess honors us with some Reagan greatness!

Grandpa John is another close ally

Guns and Bikinis has lots of Rule 5 and links us regularly!

Honesty in Motion has a review of Book of Eli

Hot Air asks “Who can screw up college football worse than the BCS?’

I Own the World has some Rule 5 I never thought I would see!

Interesting News Items has us blogrolled

Another new friend is Liberal Guy who has some comedy gold

The Libertarian Republican is another new addition

Do not forget to check out Mako Snark

No Sheeples offers her congratulations AND ribs Stacy McCain

Obi’s Sister offered her congrats as well, but she forgets that Ed and I were cool before cool was even invented 

Credibility? Paco is all about credibility!

William Teach has an appreciation for our appreciation of Tanya Roberts

Jill offered her kind words too

The Reaganite Republican Resistance joins theb blogroll, and makes us laugh

Right of Course has Kelly Brooks’ curves

Rubly Slippers likes us! She really likes us!

Rusty checked in  on Tebowmania

Saber Point has Miss America hotness

Smash Mouth Politics is another fine addition

Pat is talking taxes!

SYLGF has Jessica Alba in Spanish!

Another Newbie, That’s Right has Rose McGowan hotness

Why do they call the Classic Liberal classic? Because he ROCKS!

Another new friend? YEP!

Is Stacy McCain talking about sex AGAIN?

Theo Spark has TOTTY!

Richard McEnroe has Latina hotness

Lance really loves Bret Favre!

Man Cassandra hates Europe!

Washington Rebel has THIS!

Chris asks scary or not?

Lastly, another new addition, Yankee Phil brings us Danica Patrick

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