Rule 5 Sunday

Everyone likes pretty girls. So opines Stacy McCain, who invented Rule 5 blogging. So, in honor of that rule, I offer up my own Rule 5 post, complete with LOTS of hotness!

Lance starts it off by showing an appreciation of Jets cheerleaders!

Wyblog offers his appreciation of Sandra Bullock, and other celebrities generosity

Washington Rebel also appreciates beauty

Richard McEnroe has a fever for Rose McGowan

Theo Spark is questioning the hotness of Bar Rafeali?

Stacy McCain sees the relevance Lindsay Lohan in Massachusetts?

The Classic Liberal has banking tips from a bikini-clad Danielle Lloyd

Wyatt Earp is dreaming of being bitten by Ashley Greene

Pat Austing pays homage to Alyssa Milano

Sister Toldjah has a crush on Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Right of course honors Tide and Bronco cheerleaders

William Teach has a flashing hockey fan

Paco has his usual fine assortment of retro Rule 5

Jamie Jeffords brings us Mila Kunis

Bob belvedere goes old school too

Bring the Heat brings us Julie Benz!

Donald Douglas has lingerie video

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