Scott Brown changing the political landscape?

American Glob thinks his line, “it’s the people’s seat” might just be a big time game changer. I am not sure, but, I will say this. Those words are resonating with so many because they sum up so well how so many Americans feel. We know damned well, that many of our “representatives” have forgotten where the power lies. They have forgotten who the boss and who the sevant is. Brown struck a chord, hopefully the right cord to win Ted Kennedy’s Senate. And his Democratic opponent is imploding before our eyes. The Democrats are reaching full panic mode too, bringing out the Tea Bagger smear. And as usual, the Leftists are CLUELESS!

That is the other thing about a possible Scott Brown win. That 60-seat majority the Dems have? Kiss that goodbye if Brown wins. The Democrats can feel their power grab starting to fail. They fear losing the ability to strong arm their Marxist agenda down our throats, and it shows. The good news there is that the more radicalized they act, the more likely it becomes that they end up losing more and more mid-term elections. And that includes their majority leader too!

You go Scott Brown! And there is more good news. Iraq War veterans have vowed to Pull Down the Tyrants.

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