Is Harry Reid a RAAAAACIST?

Reading this post over at The Other McCain got me thinking. Is Harry Reid a RAAAAACIST because of his ill fated remarks about our president?

I would say, that Harry Reid is many things. A sorry excuse for a senator. A pathetic little weasel of a man. A lying, bottom-feeding whiner. A power hungry Marxist who has no respect for our Constitution or our founding principles. An elitist who loathes the ideals of liberty and self-determination. But a racist? Naw.

Yes, he should step down as Senate Majority Leader, he should resign as senator, and should likely move to a country like Cuba if he loathes America so damned much. But, his removal from office, which his long-ignored constituents will surely make happen soon, should have nothing to do with his remarks about President Obama. They should do with his complete lack of charcter!

2 thoughts on “Is Harry Reid a RAAAAACIST?”

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