5 thoughts on “*VIDEO* The XM-25 Airburst Smart Rifle… Freakin’ Awesome!”

  1. leave it up to the leftist at cnn to try to find fault with anything that might help our guys in the military do a better job of getting at the enemy. That weapon is meant to kill and it seems to work real well. I dought it would ever be left behind if the operator were disabled. It wouldnt be deployed as a stand alone weapon,we dont operate that way but that commentator wouldnt know that because he has never been in combat or seen combat. Those that have not done it always try to find fault with those who do it for real. Thanks for showing us another fine bit of american know how col. God bless our fine military forces and keep them safe.

  2. The use of an electronic token to activate the weapon carried by the operator would alleviate concerns for weapon capture. The token might be frangible or (easily destroyed) and as such the weapon if captured would be inert to a non sophisticated enemy that might come upon it.

    Besdies with this firepower in the hands of our troops there arn’t going to be many enemy that will survive…


  3. This is the absolute compliment to the AA-12 Shotgun, with this weapon and the AA-12 our forces will be well equiped to do warefare and drastically reduce harm to themselves.God Bless America and God Bless our Troops!!!!!!


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