There are whores, then there is Ben Nelson

Bob Belevdere, tests out a new home for his blog, and uses the test to talk about Ben Nelson, er cheap whores

I think it important on this day before Christmas to remember briefly, before we devote ourselves to enjoying time with our families and friends, that Senator Ben Nelson is and remains a cheap whore.

Now I know many of you maybe saying ‘Jeez Louise, Bob, do you have to bring that cheap whore Balso that it was the great en Nelson up on Christmas Eve?  C’mon, give us a break!’

Well, like I said, I just wanted to mention VERY BRIEFLY that Ben Nelson is a cheap whore…oh, and Stacy McCain who first named Ben Nelson a cheap whore……..oh, and one final thing: I’ve published two previous postings on this subject, one in which I call Ben Nelson a cheap whore and one where I call Ben Nelson a cheap whore.

Well, I could call Nelson a cheap whore too, but, Bob makes the point so well….. and by the way Bob, love the new look there!

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