Alan Grayson, your newest Marxist Moron

What an absolute piece of trash! Sister Toldjah has the details.

The unhinged Florida Democrat strikes again:

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., is asking U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to launch an investigation into a Web site launched by a Republican activist that parodies his own re-election site.

My, my, my. Florida Rep. Alan Grayson wants to see one of his critics go directly to jail — all over her use of the word “my.”

In an effort to raise money against the outspoken freshman Democrat, a Republican activist named Angie Langley has launched” — a Web site that parodies Grayson’s re-election site,”

Like I said, he is a walking cesspool. He reminds me of a school bully, he really does. And like a school bully, he is a cowardly man, afraid of being exposed for what he is.


One thought on “Alan Grayson, your newest Marxist Moron”

  1. Angie Langley deceived the television interviewers and press by not telling them she was the Republican President
    of the South Lake Republican Group. They were cited numerous times by The Florida Election Commission for
    deceptive practices and were fined $1000 in 2006.
    Congressman Grayson is the best congressman in Florida.
    He doesn’t need the job. He is a multi-millionaire and his law firm sued a Halliburton firm for war profiteering and got the government money back.

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