Roll Tide!

Yep! Bama won, they outplayed us and deserve all the credit! so, all I can say is, the Gators got beat, and now, let’s send Tebow out with a bowl win, and get ready for next year. Yes! This stings but YES I am still damned proud of these Gators!

To Bama fans, like Carol at No Sheeples, congrats, now go beat Texas and keep the SEC supreme!

And a special congrats to Stacy McCain! If there was any team I would choose to lose to, it would be Bama.

9 thoughts on “Roll Tide!”

  1. Wow, the Gators really stunk up the joint on Saturday… and what’s up with Tim Tebow crying like a little girl at the end of the game? There are only three occasions in which real men are allowed to cry, when their mothers die, when their dogs die, and when they get kicked in the nads.

      1. There’s NO CRYING IN FOOTBALL! Dick Butkus… never cried. Jack Lambert… never cried. Jack Youngblood… played with a broken leg! …still, no crying.

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