Charles Johnson is not man enough to watch SEC football

Fishersville Mike is wondering if Charles Johnson, the formerly sane blogger who has parted ways with reality  will be pulling for this Saturday? Bama, or the Gators?

What does Little Green Footballs think of SEC football?
They don’t like Stacy McCain, so he can’t pull for Alabama.
But Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has Bible verses on his eye black strips. That’s something James Dobson and the entire religious right would approve of, so LGF must be against the Gators.
So Charles, where do you stand on the SEC championship game Saturday?
UPDATE: Made McCain’s right sidebar of fame.

He likely will not be watching, football as great as the SEC offers is too much for asshat wimps like Johnson. He will likely spend the Saturday telling his cat, likely named Mr. Giggles or some such name, how stupid Southerners are, and  how we all chew dirt and think the earth is only 6,ooo years old.

And unlike Mike, do not expect this blog post to make Stacy McCain’s sidebar! Why? Because I am EVIL, because I am a Gator fan, and McCain is worried about My Gators rolling his Tide this Saturday. Cannot say I blame him though.

My question is how long will I remain evil? Will that depend on how badly my Gators stick it to Bama? Hmmmm, I guess I will just have to wait and see. Until then, I would like to offer a olive branch to Stacy McCain, a nice video of a classic Southern rock classic!

UPDATE!! As I predicted absolutely ZERO credit from Stacy McCain for this post! I must REALLY be evil, or maybe I just suck? Not any love on the Full Metal Jacket Reach Around Award! No love on the Hot Blogs or in the Headlines either! Maybe I should post about Tiger Woods and how the beating his wife gave him is nothing compared to the beating Florida will give Bama Saturday?


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