This is why Styacy McCain is a blogging genius!

Yes! GENIUS! Mr. McCain, as fierce an Alabama fan as I am a Gator fan suggests that he and I, and Carol at No Sheeples, who also screams “ROLL TIDE” , keep up our SEC style smack talking all week leading up to the Bama/Gator clash in Atlanta next Saturday.

Those two powers will play for the most coveted championship in America, the SEC championship, and also for the right to make steers out of the Teaxs Longhorns in the National Championship Game. You doubt, the dominance of the SEC? Well, ask Ohio State, or FSU, or Oklahoma, or Miami, they have all been crushed by SEC teams in past national title contests.

McCain points out the obvious reasons for this proposed smackfest. First it will get HITS! Second, it will agitate the Hell out of Auburn fans, who get sick when they think of Alabama playing in Atlanta. McCain hates Auburn, and who can blame him? I might add that it also irritates Volunteer and Bulldog fans, and LSU fans, and that is a huge bonus!

So, the lines are drawn, Let the smack talking start! And let the BIG GATOR EAT!

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