Cap and Trade is dead, SWEET!

The Other McCain is giddy over the news that cap and trade is D.O.A.! In fact he is even more giddy because this further proves his assertion that Liberalism is ALWAYS wrong!

Unlike crow, schadenfreude is a dish best served cold. And I remind you what I said in June:

The simplest way to define conservatism is this: The belief that liberalism is wrong.

All along, the strongest evidence that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) was a hoax was a simple fact: Liberals believed in it.

Kind of like the Obama administration’s economic plan, really. It didn’t take any prophetic power to declare last December, “It Won’t Work.” And the emerging obviousness of the failure of Obamanomics is just further confirmation of the fundamental truth that liberalism is always wrong.

How true that is my friends. Liberalism, despite its “good intentions” always falls flat onits face. This is because that Liberals are infatuated with idealism, and idealism, when confronted with realism, fails every time!

This reminds me of another hopeless case. That case being those good folks who watch college football with empty boxes of Tide, and rolls of toilet paper strapped to their heads. Other wise known as Alabama fans. They will venture to Atlanta, just like last year, and play the SEC Championship Game, just like last year. And just like last year, they will face the Florida Gators. And just like last year, they will play valiantly, and lose  to Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer, and that awesome Gator “D”.

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