That giant WHEW!!!! You just heard was Stacy McCain

After his beloved Tide barely scraped by the Auburn War Chickens. Stacy was so stressed out when Auburn jumped up 14-0 early, that he was distracted from his post about a degenerate punk and started tweeting obscenities to Auburn fans, not that there is anything wrong with that. Auburn fans generally deserve the abuse they get.

Speaking of repulsive scenes on TV: Auburn 14, Alabama 0 in the 1st QTR? That’s DISGUSTING!
rsmccain on Twitter

‘Bama spotted Auburn 2 TDs, just to make it interesting. ROLL TIDE ROLL!
rsmccain on Twitter

@Auburnwareagles Are More Gay Than Adam Lambert NTTAWWT
rsmccain on Twitter

I must clarify that “NTTAWWT” applies only to gays, not to Auburn fans, who are truly disgusting.


Hey, I understand, we SEC fans can get stressed by our teams fortunes. And all is OK, for now, Bama won, McCain is happy, and proud, as he should be. But, alas, heartache awaits Stacy McCain next week, in Atlanta, where certain doom looms for Bama, in the form of my beloved Gators. So, to my blogging buddy, I can only say ROLL TIDE GATOR BAIT

10 thoughts on “That giant WHEW!!!! You just heard was Stacy McCain”

  1. Speaking of gay and the SEC, I just watched the game with a few Alabama and Georgia fans.

    “Urban and Tebow do Eskimo kisses,” stated GA libertarian blogger Jason Pye. ” If that doesn’t weird out, what will?”

    And what’s up with that gay Gator chomp? Will that be the new salute to Obama after he’s promoted to Potentate?

  2. Typo: Should read “If that doesn’t weird you out, what will?”

    Gawga Jason over here notes that owns the series record.

    I think McCain and I would agree that nothing can ever top Bear Bryant at Nick Saban.

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