Your weekly Linktastical journey around the blogosphere!

I am feeling a tad ill tonight, headache, body aches, a sore foot, stepped on the vacuum cleaner cord the other day, and really tired, so, I am going to update this puppy as I am able to.

It starts with Another Black Conservative, who is pondering whether he could support Rudy the RINO for Senator.

Ace has tricky football

Donald Douglas, always a sucker for a pretty girl, features Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking Sarah Palin

Are We Lumberjacks has fun with our Bower-in-Chief

Will Eric Holder investigate ACORN? Reliapundit wants to know

At the Point of a Gun is ALL OVER the Senate healthcare bill front

Wyblog checks in with a great question. What do Liberals and Dim Bulbs have in common?

Wizbang asks, if it does not work, why keep doing it?

At my other blog, What Would the Founding Fathers Do? I get Thomas Paine’s take on the Senate health care bill. I also quote The Father of America on guns. If Sarah Brady reads it, her head will explode.

Weasel Zippers has photos of Sarah Palin being attacked by a Moonbat!

Washington Rebel has a hot librarian!

Warner Todd Huston has the story of more Race Cards being played

Babalu reports that the scam of AGW has been exposed

BCB does not think bikinis and crocs mix well

Bluegrass Pundit wonders how low Obama’s approval ratings can bow

Cassandra is amazed at Sully’s insanity

Bob Belevdere is worried what Eric Holder and Obama will do about the turkey?

Carol’s Closet has rain?

Cassy has feminists gone wild!

Fact checks? Cold Fury doesn’t need any stinking fact checks!

The Conservative Mama presents Obama! The Musical

Conservative Scalawag has a suggestion for a gun grabber

Lance is going conspiracy nut on us

TOTUS is concerned about radical Islam in our prisons

TigerHawk has some great pictures

Richard has a turkey plucking

A link to Theo Spark that does NOT include a scantily clad hot woman? YES!

Smitty, at The Other McCain, rips Rick Moran

The Classic Liberal has a question for y’all

Teh Resistance Blog sums Obama up in two words

Doug Powers notes that PDS has reached a new level of asininity

Ten things Doug Ross hates about Obamacare supporters

Support Your Local Gunfighter is heartbroken

Jimmie is not mincing words about political whores

Stormbringer notes that we have a BIG problem

Stop the ACLU: RACISM!!!!

Pat has more on political whores

Sister Toldjah has one word for climate change scammers. BUSTED!

Jamie Jeffords is getting ready for Clemson-South Carolina

Rusty noted a little known holiday Thursday

Ruby talks about a river in Egypt

Right of course is risking the Buckeye’s season

Dan Riehl looks at the Progressive that got pwned!

Red State has your prescription

FailBlog has suspicious Canadians

Mike has a cool parody

Flopping Aces looks at why fewer of us are supporting ObamaCare

Pundit & Pundette really admire Mark Steyn

Public Secrets has Hope, Change, and Sex Scandals!

Darleen Click explains what ObamaCare is really about

Pirates Cove has a priceless post

POWIP looks at women and health care reform

Paco has something really cool

Gateway Pundit has video of Palin fisking Obama

Grandpa John has an inspiring post about faith

Greg Gutfeld: WE are all racists!

Richard Williams is looking forward to this event. It sounds  like a fun time

Obi’s Sister thinks I forgot her? Naw, not me

Honesty in Motion remrmbeed the Big Gator this week.

Hot Air is covering the Senate debate on debating the Reid Plan

Noah Johns is catching up

Carol remembered me in her FMJRA, even if Smitty forgot me again

Newsbusters has the whining whore who found her price to sell out the country

Laughs galore at I Own the World and at IMAO, Interesting News Items, and at IowaHawk too’

If You Seek Peace has a bit of history

Infidels Are Cool looks at Satanic Sharia

Van Helsing looks at propoganda

Hotmes has something to make you very angry

Molten Thought has regressive taxation

Michelle looks at at another Berkeley tantrum

JWF has the Burkha Barbie?

William Jacobson has read the Reid health bill. And confirms how bad it is!


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