Robert Stacy McCain should run Sarah Palin’s 2012 presidential campaign!

Why? Well, because advice like this is exactly what Sarah needs! Advising Palin on how to respond to the Newsweek cover showing her in shorts, McCain suggests this retort.

That this is “sexist,” OK. Gotcha. But does Sarah Palin want to assume a feminist victimhood posture, to say that she is being oppressed by the patriarchy?

No, I think not. Excuse me for suggesting that the way for Palin to leverage this — to “re-brand” herself as they say — is to lean into the curve. The better response would be along the lines of:

“Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I have legs. And, yes, I’ve been told they’re very nice legs. Exactly why the editors of Newsweek decided that showing me in shorts was appropriate for the cover of their magazine is for them to explain — and good luck with that. I guess I’m trying to figure out what side of the double-standard applies here. Levi can get naked for Playgirl and still be taken seriously, but Newsweek thinks it’s something scandalous to show me in running shorts? Just wait until I grant my first in-depth foreign-policy interview to Maxim!”

Or something to that effect. The governor signifies her self-awareness that she is something of a political and cultural novelty — a conservative woman who is a viable presidential prospect. She is aware that her good looks are both an asset and a potential liability, and that liberals want to portray her as a trailer-trash airhead, the “Caribou Barbie,” etc.

She gets the joke, and she turns it back against them. Nothing disarms an attack so well as self-deprecating humor. It’s like the way Reagan joked about his own extremist reputation: “The Republican Party needs both its right wing and its far-right wing.”

To use the word “sexist” against Newsweek is to accuse enlightened liberal elitists of violating their own egalitarian standards — which is all fine and good. But “sexist” also sounds like one of those grim, humorless Women’s Studies professors ranting at a campus “Take Back the Night” rally.

Ick. Don’t go there, governor. You are a happily married Christian conservative pro-life woman who — oh, glorious coincidence! — looks good in shorts. Your husband is a certified USDA prime slice of hunkalicious beef, your son is a soldier in Bravo Company, and your daughter is a single mom with a selfish douchebag ex-boyfriend.


I like that! Unconventional, real not scrpited. So, yes, McCain for Palin campaign manager in 2012! Isn’t it about time we had a McCain who knew how to run a campaign?

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