Your Saturday must-read posts

I will be updating this through the night and early Saturday, helping my sister with the GatorNiece!

Grandpa John leads off with Islam vs Islamism

Ace has no problem with Carrie Prejean ‘s “self-satisfaction”

Donald Douglas has a poll Nancy Pelosi should read

Another Black Conservative tells Obama it is too late buddy!

The Astute Bloggers wonder why Spain needs to teach this

Babalu has a case of Rubiomania

BlackFive has a few words for Eric Holder

BCB has Obama pegged

The Bluegrass Pundit has some non-sense from Montel Williams

Must-see TV from Bring the Heat

Bob Belvedere is trying to help a fashion felon

Inside Carol’s Closet we find MSNBS’s Silly Stick

Cassy has the latest douchebaggery from Code Pink

Cold Fury has one word FINALLY!

The Founding Bloggers has video proof the Liberals are stuck on stoopit! Conservative Mama adds a timeless quote. Conservartive Scalawag piles on

Doug Powers calls Obama a fat kid or something

Doug Ross has the world’s worst driver

Jamie Jeffords is not a Pelosi fan

Gateway Pundit notes that Pelosi is rushing

Hot Air ponders how many Carrie Prejean there are

I Own the World goofs on Keithy!

IMAO is talking monkeys and cannons?

JWF: You damned Christians!

Jules Crittenden thinks the media might be getting a clue

Left Coast Rebel wonders who will be watching our carbon footprints

Maggies Farm has your really cool pic of the day

Mark Steyn marvels at media stupidity

NRO has your nevermind moment of the week

William Jacobson has a problem

Michelle Malkin notes that the Amnesty Monster will just not die

Molten Thoughts tackles free speech in the military

Hotmes: We sure know how to pick ’em

Moonbattery: Socks can cure global warming!

Carol of No Sheeples fame has a three-ring circus!

Newsbusters reminds us that it is not the gas, it is the mileage!

NORC has Michael Steele intimidating Whitey!

Obi’s Sister has a post featuring three Tennessee Vols, a pellet gun, school spirit clothing, a prius, and armed robbery!

Old Virginia features a great Southerner!

Paco tries to explain Obamanomics

Patterico has a question for Obama

Dan Collins has bad news for Republican civil servants

William Teach ain’t afraid of no Zombies!

Protein Wisdom: What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Public Secrets honors class!

Pundit & Pundette have denying deniers and the denials they deny!

Red State has a “spot the Douchebag” picture

Dan Riehl rips McCain’s Morons

Is Right Of Course trying to curse the Tide?

Right Wing News has a Liberal blog bashing praising Bush!

Ruby has a post just begging for some caption contests!

Saber has Moonbat churches and bells


Pat is chillin’ like a villian

Man, am I glad this guy started blogging again!

Support ou Local Gunfighter has Venezuela taking the next step towards complete Stalinism

Sweeteness and Light has a very disturbing bit of news

The Classic Liberal dissects Krugman

The Other McCain examines the David Brooks man-crush and has tons of info from the Orlando Tea Party Stacy and Smitty get two links because they had the taste and insight to feature me in their headlines this week. Also, if I am nice enough to them, they might make award me another FMJRA Award!

Theo Spark sums up Obama very well

This Ain’t Hell has the blog headline of the weeek!

Richard McEnroe has the likely outcomes of Obama’s economic summit

TigerHawk has a very cool link

TrogloPundit corrects Senator Weasel Dick

Washington Rebel examines the EGO

Weasel Zippers examines fatal flaws

Wyblog closes us out with the Joan Jett Barbie Doll


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