Update on NY23, Scozzafava quits

RS McCain reports that Scozzafava, the RINO the Newtists were so desperate to reach out to, has thrown in the towel

Scozzafava, the hand-picked choice of the New York state GOP in the key 23rd District special election, reportedly will throw her support to Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.new Siena College poll was released this morning, showing her in third place, with Hoffman neck-and-neck with Democrat Bill Owens.

Glad to see she will  be supporting Hoffman. Of course, it is likely he would get the Republican votes even without her, but, credit where due.

This news will send some tremors through the GOP establishment, and I have to think that is a very good thing. They have too long held on to their infatuation with Moderate Republicans, and it has hurt the party. They have too long taken the base for granted, and now they might be understanding how flawed  that strategy is.

The GOP ought not to be the party of diminished expectations or the party of wishy-washy principles. The founders were not wishy-washy wimps. They stood fast on principle. The GOP should learn from their example!

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