Your Full Metal Jacket Reach Around

Let’s make this one the RINO edition shall we? In honor of all of us blogging nuts trying to hunt down all the RINO’s, and their weasel-like defenders in the GOP.

Shawn, at Wizbang, notes that America is starting to doubt one of the RINO’s pet issues, climate change!

You ever wonder What Bubba Knows? Well, I bet he knows RINOs, and he also knows what Pravda thinks about Obama.

Weasel Zippers have news that one Democrat says he can kill Obama Care. That would distress RINOs like Olympia “Stupidity Called” Snowe!

RINOs think we should be big tent, break free of that Reagan guy. Washington Rebel says no, we should break free of RINOS! 

Warner Todd Huston reports that Speaker Face Lift does not have the votes! 

Ace reports that when we trust in RINOs, we get TARPed! 

Donald Douglas, a fabulous blogger, reports that geometry is Marxist or something

The Anchoress, has fighting cats! Hey, not every link is about Newt Gingrich’s infatuation with “moderate” Republicans.

Another Black Conservative says that Speaker Face Lift might need to read the constitution at some point! 

Are We Lumberjacks has laughs 

The Astute Bloggers have news of an attempted honor murder in Arizona 

At the Point of a Gun knows Mike Pence, and he is no RINO! 

Villainous Company has a great cause you should know about! And join, like I did!

Babalu has the history of BEER! 

Black Five has the story of one of our fallen warriors. God bless Staff Sergeant Chris Rudzinski

BCB has a nice round up of Obama’s stupididity! 

Bluegrass Pundit offers a reason I often yell F*%#@ You when Crazy Legs Chris Matthews talks!

Bring the Heat has anvils being shot 200 feet into the air. I wonder how far a RINO would go?

Lance Burri, is talking about Lance Burri! Well, it isn’t like he can really talk about those Badgers, so…. Maybe he should just talk more about that Lesbian kiss Charlize Theron did. Oh, and he really should link this awesome blog more!

Totus is proud! Of not being a RINO? Amen!

Richard McEnroe has this! 

This Ain’t Hell is giving thanks 

Theo Spark has RINO smoothies! 

A Jackboot in the door? Right Scoop has details

The Pool Bar says this GOP logo is the best idea yet! 

Smitty, the guy REALLY doing all the work at the Other McCain, has a GREAT IDEA! 

The Classic Liberal thinks David Frium might be coming down with RINOitis! 

Bob Belvedere gets RINOs, and he knows they are poison 

Inside Carol’s Closet you might find anything. Except RINOs! 

Cassy notes that radical climate nuts are getting wackier! 

Cold Fury says why the Hell NOT Reagan? 

Patrick Sperry plays the mysoginy card! 

The Conservative Mama understands far more about freedom than Obama does 

When Pat Austin says get a reality check….

Hey Sister Todjah, take it easy and get better! We luv ya!

Doug Powers has the world’s biggest ???????????? 

President Obama, meet the wood shed! 

Ruby looks at scary monsters 

 Right of Course reports that RINOs are going bonkers! 

Dan Riehl has the RINO of RINOs? 

Erick Erickson is battling the dreaded RINUS NEW YORKUS 

Jamie Jeffords has some great advice for RINOs 

Pundit & Pundette is always a must read! 

Protein Wisdom has SHOCKING news! 

Pirates Cove has your dose of cool pics 

Looks like I am not the ONLY blogger battling a bad back! 

Mike reports that Stacy Mccain is doing more than hunting RINOs in New York! 

Old Virginia compares Mao and Madison

Gateway Pundit has a PRICELESS moment! 

Steve Burri must have been drunk when he posted this

Obi’s Sister has LOTS to say! 

Carol is reaching around too 

Honesty in Motion is in Oakland 

Hot Air has your quote of the day 

Moonbattery has a dingbat alert 

HotMes has more on hate crime laws 

Michelle has bad news on what Obama Care will be

What is even wimpier than a RINO? IMAO knows 

InstaPundit wants White folks to know how Black they are? 

InterestingNews Items gets humor 

The Media confronts it’s Monster 

JWF looks at a new movie. Revenge of the TOTUS 

Jules looks at Obama vs The Moonbats! 

3 thoughts on “Your Full Metal Jacket Reach Around”

  1. Gatordoug,

    I just report what my research digs up whatever state of inebriation that I may find myself sporting!

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