Your Sunday Link-O-Rama!

Wizbang looks at the demise of the formerly great blogger Charles Johnson

John Kerry despicable? Dave in Texas says so Who a I to argue?

Donald Douglas has tales of infiltrating radical Leftist “teach-ins” 

Weasel Zippers says cue the virgins” 

Are We Lumberjacks issues a Gorezilla warning 

Armed and Safe has a story about a really stupid dog 

I always enjoy reading the Washingtion Rebel 

Warner Todd Huston looks at ObamaCare, and sees Assbackwardness 

Should NFL Commish Goddell resign? Relia Pundit says yes!

At The Point of a Gun helps a fellow blogger 

Lance Buri makes a BIG mistake 

TOTUS looks at the Obama Bill of Rights 

Babalu is not very PC! 

BlackFive has the thought of an Afghan woman that everyone should read and they ought to read this from Tiger Hawk too 

Richard McEnroe talks Italian food 

Blue Crab Boulevard talks fraud! 

BlueGrass Pundit wonders about the media’s hearing 

TheoSpark reports that Meghan’s Melons have some competition!

bonus (2)

Deuce Geary jumps on the Meghan McCain bandwagon

Bring the Heat asks, and answers the question What the Hell is an ACOG? 

Bob Belevedere offers up some classic Rule 5 

The Right Scoop has video of Bo Snerdley defending Rush 

The Classic Liberal looks at Fundamental Change 

In Carol’s Closet today, she takes on Liberal Racists, and Conservative Mama has more

Cassy Fiano offers a woman’s view of Meghan’s Massive Melons 

The 46 offers up news on Pakistan’s Jihadi extermination 

Teh Resistance Blog reports an outbreakof Racial Obsession Syndrome! 

Cold Fury offers advice to Newt! And Patrick Sperry has some for the GOP 

Sweetness and Light notes that David Axelrod is a Douchebag! 

Stormbringer brings us Fire Magic? 

The Conservative Scalawag says UNpossible? 

Stop the ACLU catches another Leftist blaming the victim 

Pat Austin has big news! 

Doug Powers already has his Halloween costume  picked out 

Doug Ross has links too! 

Sister Toldjah speaks out on Rush and the war on Conservatives 

Scoop This asks what divisive is?

Saber Point has a message to those who love Sharia Law Go to Hell! AMEN!

Jamie Jeffords has got the Link Fever too

Mike says thanks! 

Rusty is in Zombie bliss 

Ruby is linking like a pro

Kathy Shaidle is not a Frum fan 

The Flopping Aces have a tear-jerker 

Right of Course has Nebrask cheerleaders. Ever note that the teams he notes lose the next day? 

Dan Riehl is afraid of gurls? 

The Founding Bloggers notice something very interesting 

The Gateway Pundit has moved 

Erik Erickson sees a surge for Rubio 

Pundit & Pundette! Always worth a look 

Grouchy Old Cripple has Heavy Metal Violins? 

Honesty in Motion gets historical 

Public Secrets has laughs 

Protein Wisdom offers up Zero tolerance asininity 

Hot Air features A Tea Partier vs Crazy Legs Matthews 

I Own the Worls can see the future? 

Pirates Cove has pinups 

Paco has some items of note 

IMAO wonders why people hate this guy 

Instapundit has the 75 hottest sitcom babes! 

Interesting News Items says what I have knows for years 

Jammie Wearing Fool offers up nookie parties 

Sometimes I am hopeful for the future of the GOP, then Noah Johns gives me this news about the phoniest Conservative EVAH

Carol wanted me to tell y’all this news 

Left Coast Rebel is in Boulder, Colorado, which is just a short drive from my favorite place on earth 

Frank Salvato, warns us to watch politicians 

Moonbattery points out a complete tool 

William Jacobson has news, and it is bad! 

Just a note to say Michelle Malkin is a patriot! And Stacy McCain? A national treasure! Even IF Smiity does ALL the work over there!

Brand new to the blogroll…. Molten Thoughts

Hotmes REALLY hates Stacy’s cousin 

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