Sunday Linkalanche!

We will kick it off with Wizbang’s reason why sexting is good for you! You sick freak! And while sexting UCLA cheerleaders  might be Right of Course’s friend, Weasel Zippers reminds us that presidential demagoguery is not! And as the Gateway Pundit notes, neither is lying about taxes! Or, as the Astute Bloggers note, is elitist hypocrisy  Speaking of bad things, the Washington Rebel offers up the Douchiest Douchebaggery ever! And The Founding Bloggers illustrate more ACORN thuggery! Lance the Metro Sexual shares his concerns about monkey segregation? That sounds REALLY bad! And speaking of animals, TOTUS sees ACORN getting eaten alive by the squirrels. Go squirrels! ACORN, and that other nut, Charles Johnson, are targets in The Other McCain’s Full Metal Jacket Reach Around In yet another animal-related post TigerHawk remembes when Thomas Edison fried an elephant. Texas Rainmaker remembers when Nancy Pelosi lied AND cried! Teh Resistance Blog recognizes racist old coots when he sees one! And, according to S&L Boby Jindal knows crooks when he sees them! Jimmie at Sundries Shack, knows the seventies when he hears this music. Noah John knows media bias when he sees it! Carol at No Sheeples knows there is only one thing worse than ObamaCare, musicals!

This Ain’t Hell can’t stand childish people, whiners as Ruby calls them maybe people that might be targets of the great protest sign that Three Beers Later offers up. Speaking of expressing ourselves, Theo Spark is a great supporter of art. Beauty is also on the mind of the Classic Liberal  Hotmes offers up one of my favorites, Kate Beckinsale. Grandpa John offers up the sexiest woman on TV today! Bob Belvedere offers up a classic beauty. At the Point of a Gun has another of my favorites And while we are talking natural beauty, the fine folks at the Pool Bar remind us not to be litter bugs. And speaking of undesirable refuse, The 46 notes the trash under The Obama Bus! It is REALLY getting smelly under there. And according to JWF, Obama wants more blind governors under that bus! Old Virginia Blog offers up Maureen Dowd, the pin-up girl for aging academic elites! PERFECT!

Pat is blogging in the rain for goodness sake. Now that is dedication! Sister Toldjah reorts that a miracle has occurred. AP has a clue! Obi’s Sister got her wish Sara is having a rough week, so be nice to her. Talk about a rough week, Charles Johnson is REALLY getting it bad! Saber point points out that Charles has morphed into Dan Rather! Dan Riehl wonders how soon our police will be able to use force to arrest bad guys. Red State wonders if they dress up like pirates  will they be allowed to crack some heads? And Jules Crittenden is worried about taxes on our dogs! As Instapundit asks what could possibly go wrong?

Pundit & Pundette are featuring this blog today, and talking about all kinds of fun stuff! Speaking of fun stuff, Pirates Cove is having fun on Pirates Day by bashing Media Matters! And Dan Collins is having too much fun mocking ACORN, it must be RAAAAACIST! And speaking of RAAAAACISM, Interesting News Items has a shocking story! Michelle Malkin wants to know if my favorite NFL team is Democrat or Republican? That is getting personal there lady. Hot Air is also talking NFL. Mike is feeling for the Huskers! Carol is dreading her Wildcat’s next opponent! Paco has some fun news about a very old crime fighter! Mark Steyn must be having fun, being right all the time! SHOWOFF! Moonbattery has fun walking down memory lane. You may not be having much fun, with Obama on every channel this AM, but William Jacobson offers up a great alternative!

Ah, a story of young love by Suzanna Logan. The Grouchy Old Cripple helps me offend The American Family Association! I really need to explain my problems with them one day. NSFW! Speaking of offending the overly sensitive, here is the master of it, Greg Gutfeld! The Eye of Polyphemus has his spotlight out! And Doug Ross is asking questions! And Doug Powers has the ULTIMATE ACORN photo shop!

Finally, American Power has the stupidity of Frank Rich

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