ACORN introduces new outreach program

Via The Other McCain comes news of Know Your Ho. Appaently the Census Bureau is not too taken with ACORN’s latest bit of community activism

The Census Director has sent a letter to the National Headquarters of ACORN notifying the group that the Census Bureau is severing all ties with the community organizing group for all work having to do with the 2010 census.

“Over the last several months, through ongoing communication with our regional offices, it is clear that ACORN’s affiliation with the 2010 Census promotion has caused sufficient concern in the general public, has indeed become a distraction from our mission, and may even become a discouragement to public cooperation, negatively impacting 2010 Census efforts,” read a letter from Census Director Robert M. Groves to the president of ACORN.

“Unfortunately, we no longer have confidence that our national partnership agreement is being effectively managed through your many local offices. For the reasons stated, we therefore have decided to terminate the partnership,” the letter said.

The news follows the firing Friday of two more ACORN employees after new hidden-camera footage showed workers for the group advising a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute how to subvert the law. 

Now, I am sure the Left will say this is just “isolated” behavior from ACORN, despite all the evidence to the contrary. ACORN, for their part says this is just part of  a “smear campaign” agains them. Some “smear campaign! You catch a group, ACORN in this case, breaking the law, videotape it, and WALLA, you are just smearing them? Good freaking grief! Of course, ACORN has played the Smear Campaign Card before!

After Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government blog published videos from investigative journalists posing as pimps and traffickers in child-slavery rings at ACORN, the community-organizing group fired the two women who offered advice on how to evade law enforcement and tax obligations. ACORN then claimed that this was a problem isolated to the Baltimore office and the two ACORN employees involved.

Unfortunately for ACORN and its credibility, Big Government’s James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles also paid a visit to their Washington DC offices and got the exact same assistance:

ACORN has been exposed, AGAIN, and is frankly in an untenable position. The Obama administration can no longer play footsie with these criminals, in public, anyway. I would be shocked if the association does not continue though, at least in a much more secretive manner.

Again, we know Obama has a history with ACORN, and, as with the Van Jones saga, this episode points out just how many radicals are under Obama’s bus, or in his closet, or in his cabinet, or serve as his Czars, etc. And never forget that Obama said we should judge him BY HIS ASSOCIATIONS!

UPDATE!! ACORN is not satisfied by playing the smear card, now they have thrown the old, tired, race card as well.

It is clear and not coincidence that FOX continues to attack and divide our nation along racial lines.  We believe our country is beyond this type of attack and call on all Americans to demand that FOX stop its racist coverage.

You cannot make this stuff up!

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