Who wants more madness from Van Jones?

Video- via Weasel Zippers Just watch and listen, it is truly sickening that this maniac has any influence, or holds influence over the president!

UPDATED! There is word that the next time we hear from Van Jones, he will be speaking from under the Obama Magic Bus! I just hope we remember that the radical that Jones is was not a secret, thepresident damned well knew what Jones was about. Yet, he STILL picked him to be his “Green Jobs Czar”. Sorry, Mr. President, but that you picked this thug to be anything in your adminstration only serves to remind us just how lacking your judgement is!


2 thoughts on “Who wants more madness from Van Jones?”

  1. Any person either elected or appointed should be of American values first. I have read and heard this fanatic Van Jones make statements that should have the Government WATCHING him not Hiring him. I enlisted in the service during the Viet Nam War and came home to voices of hate for our doing our duty to America. Today my elected President hires people with un-American values. I should have died back then so as to not have to watch my country change. Double standards have replaced moral leadership. I listened and applauded as our great nation showed the world that in America all are equal. The truth is Americans should be seen, taxed and remain silent. I must have fallen asleep for many years and missed the battle for America. Please be kind enough to let me know the where an when of the battle fought in SILENCE that America lost. Also if there are any survivors please send help to get me back to the America I was born in, I would hate to die on this now foreign soil.

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