When I say educated beyond one’s hat size?

I mean people like John Batchelor, who Smitty of the Other McCain takes to the proverbial woodshed over his snobbery and elitism.

Go watch the clip of Batchelor doing his best immitation of a talking corpse pretending to be an intelligent being. Then, go read the thrashing delivered by Smitty. A smalll taste here.

Mr. Batchelor says at one point: “The chief idea of the party is liberty.” And yet, you’ve conveniently labeled reasonably orderly, if raucus and spirited, dissent as “anarchy”. Mr. Batchelor, how can you even play the anarchy card? All of the violence of which I’m aware has been carried out by those who oppose Tea Party Movement and its noble goals.

Mr. Batchelor on future voices of the GOP: “Right now, if I know their names, they’re not the furture leaders.

Based upon the content of this clip, Mr. Batchelor, anyone you endorse is probably going to be a tool, a tool’s tool, a machine tool for producing new tools. So my advice to you, Mr. Batchelor, is that your influence is best enhanced by endorsing everyone else, so that the sewage of your condescension doesn’t become a stench overwhelming the aroma of your candidate.

All I can add to Smitty’s take is this question. If Batchelor is so apalled by the Tea Party protesters, apparently they are not snobby enough for Batchelor, what would he have them do? Protest in the same monotone, emotionless, drone as he has perfected? Perhaps he just believes they should just shut up and let the “elites” argue for them?

If I had conducted this interview, I would have pressed Mr. Personality as to what he would have the protesters do. I would not have allowed him to evade the question like the intellectual fraud he is. I damn sure would not have stroked his ego by repeatedly calling him “eloquent” either. Using big words is not eloquence. Neither is parroting the same line for 10 minutes frankly. And certainly, one who does not know much about the founding of America, or the definition of anarchy, is not eloquent. Not in the least.

Finally, because I am not as charitable as Smitty, I WILL offer the portrait of Batchelor Smitty would not.

John Batchelor, intellectual fraud, royal prick, and well, a horse's....
John Batchelor, intellectual fraud, royal prick, and well, a horse's....

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