Saturday Link-O-Rama!

Not feeling my best today, but, the links of Saturday MUST go on, so this week, every link will be in the form of a question. Maybe I should call it Jeopardy Saturday?

Wizbang asks are you afraid? 

What Bubba Knows is making his debut to Saturday Links, and wonders is he doing it right? 

Weasel Zipperrs poses the eternal question. Is it BS? 

After looking at the second picture in this post, I ask the Washington Rebel Are those real? 

Warner Todd Huston wonders why anyone would go with that hairdo! 

Lance asks about this poor dog and a woman, hmmmm

TOTUS ponders what kind of cat Kennedy was 

TigerHawk wonders which college is the Douchiest?

 Three Beers Later asks do these protest signs make me look fat? 

 Theo Spark  asks simply what is this thing? 

Deuce Geary ponders Googles heroes 

Smitty of the Other McCain fame asks if any of us have ever wrestled a pig?

Was Cheney right? Yes says Jawa! 

Why are we talking about economics and not babes? The Classic Liberal 

The People’s Cube wants to know if you have your Obama shoes yet? 

Teh Resistance Blog has wants to know how Kennedy, ObamaCare, and Star Trek are alike?

Sweetness and Light wonders how many campaign promises Obama will break 

 Jimmie asks why we shouldn’t honor Teddy with jokes?

Stormbringer want’s to know if you are ready for some history? 

Stop the ACLU wonders what Speaker Botox knew? 

Pat has a linky post up, but I must ask, where am I? 

Kate at SDA wants to know who will miss Teddy the most, America, or Communists? 

Slublog who never links this fine blog, asks if it is ever OK to agree with Obama? 

Saber Point asks about Ted Kennedy’s boobs?

Sister Toldjah wonders if Obama will play the the police acted stupidly card? 

Rusty asks where the inflation is ? 

Ruby MUST have questions about all those choices!

Oh no, Rick Moran is asking about porn again? 

Right of Course asks are you ready for some football? To which I can only answer “How ‘Bout Them Gators?

Red State asks if we understand how the Left sees us? I think maybe they only want to PRETEND that we are like that.

Pundit & Pundette have a which of these does not belong? post

Protein Wisdom asks if the Left is really using kids to exploit Kennedy’s Death now? 

Pirates Cove has some awesome pictures up. One of which begs the question, have you ever had your ass kicked by a kangaroo? 


Obi’s Sister wants to know if you are ready for some Chicken?

Moonbattery wants to know where all these freaking Czars are coming from? 

Michelle wants to know if you are ready to be damned proud? 

Who are you calling a hypocrite? William Jacobson

Tom Maguire wonder what in the Hell Harry Reid is saying 

John Stossel asks how stupid are they? 

Jammie Wearing Fool ponders why Michelle Obama was not named Grace

IowaHawk winders if we are ready for THIS?

Interesting News Items asks the question that we dare not even ask. Will Obama control Facebook?

Instapundit asks if we are ready for BACON?

Infidels are Cool asks why North Korea would ship weapons to Iran?

I Own the World asks if Chris Matthews is ready for more Obamgasms? 

Ed Morrissey asks a good question. A really good one! 

Steve Burri wants to know if we voted for this?

Gateway Pundit asks why not a BUYcott? 

The Founding Bloggers wonder why the Left wants to erase history? 

Kathy Shaidle asks if the GOP will now understand how to win? 

Mike asks if we are ready for Monkees?

Fausta wonders if we knew it was Anti-Chavez Day? 

Eye of Polyphemus asks if we are ready for a reach around?

Are you ready to say F&%$?

Doug Ross wonders why some folks just cannot see?

Doug Powers reminds us ti recall what Rangel forgot!

Cassy wonders if we knew that jeans were sexist now?

Is it me, or is Carol asking us to spank her? 

Are you ready for Chairman Zero? 

Why? The Bluegrass Pundit wants to know 

Ready for something ugly?

Babalu asks if we are ready to get BUSY?

Donald Douglas asks if we are ready for Leftist moral retardation? 

Finally, UncleKimbo at Ace of Sades wonders what Glenn Beck is up to? 

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