Differing takes on Kennedy’s passing

Michelle Malkin and Stacy McCain are the two bloggers I admire the most. Not surprisngly, their takes on how the right should react to the death of Ted Kennedy represent most of my feelings about blogging about the senator’s passing.

Yes, I agree with Michelle that now is not the time to share our disdain for Teddy. Even though, as Michelle notes, the Dems are pimping his death already I see her reasoning, and understand it. However, I also see McCain’s view too. 

I especially like McCain’s tribute to a certain drowning victim and his disagreement with Michelle.

Drunken Commie-loving traitor, R.I.P. And I hereby declare this Mary Jo Kopechne Memorial Day.


Jimmie at Sundries Shack, has a very good post on this day. Like Jimmie I do truly feel sympathy for Kennedy’s family

I do wish his family the best. I know there are people who genuinely love him and will miss him sorely and they have my most sincere condolences. It hurts badly losing someone you love and I pray their pain eases soon.

So, I suppose for me, it boils down to this. I do not believe in gloating over a death of an ideological opponent, no matter how much you disagreed with them. As is often said good people CAN disagree. But what if the recently deceased is not a person to be admired? What if they were a despicable human being, and in your view a traitor, and a person who worked to destroy the Constitution?

Certainly, showing sensitivity to their family is the right thing to do. To the person though? I guess that is where I am stuck at.


6 thoughts on “Differing takes on Kennedy’s passing”

  1. I do not believe in gloating over a death of an ideological opponent, no matter how much you disagreed with them.

    Neither do I. Nor am I gloating. I’m merely recognizing that, aside from whatever politics Kennedy may have ascribed to, he was an unrepentant killer, a lecherous drunk, a hypocrite of the highest order, and the world is better because he is gone.

    The fact is, large swaths of the political class, and MSM are attempting to re-write and gloss this guy’s history to suit their ends. This deserves no tolerance and must be met head on with the unvarnished truth.

  2. Wow, must take alot of energy to hate someone and a lack of civility to express it the day he dies. Poor ThomasD you’re an evil person. Please don’t reproduce. Also shame on the moderator of this blog for admiring the remarks of Stacy McCain. It doesn’t say much for your character.

  3. I don’t believe in gloating over or celebrating the death of anyone who isn’t a terrorist or a dictator. However, I’m also not about to speak well of a dead man that I openly despised while he was still able to draw a breath. I’m not happy that Ted Kennedy has assumed room temperature, but I’m sure glad he’s no longer a U.S. Senator, and every time I hear some leftist jackass glorifying him as if he were some kind of saint, I’m gonna tell them just how sleazy I think their precious Teddy was. Sue me!

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