Rather than the hippy fest that was Woodstock, Linkstock is about real joy, and far less drug use and freaky sex. Well, the freaky sex is OK, but not with multiple partners, how about with your spouse? Or at least someone you really know and love. Linkstock is about celebrating Conservative values, like small government, lower taxes, more individual liberty, self-defense, and yes, life! Linkstock is about all of that, with a few laughs, and hotties thrown in, just so the Meghan McCain Republicans know we are not prudes!

Wizbang reports this week thatObama is really going to have to invest in a bigger bus to throw people under! 

Ace of Spades is a great blog, and today, they report that the ACLU is now violating the first amendment BEFORE it is even used! 

 Donald Douglas has a report on another elitist who wants to shut the people up! 

Like I said, we all need to laugh, and Weasel Zippers brings us a funny story that made me smile!

Washington Rebel takesa look at that “other”stock

Are We Lumberjacks has some fun with presidential frustration 

At the Point of a Gun has a test for us! 

Warner Todd Huston has shocking news this day. Seems something posted at the Huffington Post was disingenuous! 

Did I mention there would be babes at Linkstock? Lance brings topless babes!~ 

Babalu Blog has the story of UN-WHOLE-LY FOODS! 

BCB has encouraging news! Some leaders are not afraid of the people!

People ask me, “will there be sex at Linkstock?”. All Ican say is what TOTUS says. It is all about the BIG O! 

Oh great, another test! At least this one from Tiger Hawk is multiple choice 

Bluegrass Pundit is bringing the entertainment to Linkstock, some band called Nancy and the Disruptors! 

And of course Linkstock would be no fun without a peek into Carol’s Closet where we find flags? Very fishy….

Want to know what $15 an hour will get ya? Three Beers Later knows. 

Theo Spark has more hotties 

Hides the dogs, The Skepticrats are bringing Michael Vick to Linkstock!

Smitty, of the Other McCain is having a Linkfest of his own, and will be bringing tacos to Linkstock!

Confederate Yankee reminds us why no one watches MSNBS

The Classic Liberal looks at the Federal Reserve 

Teh Rsistance Blog has news that will just make you say WTF?? 

Conservative Scalawag finds that states with lower crime rates are less popular with nuts like Sarah Brady. hmmmmm

Links? That is what Linkstock is all about, and Doug Ross has the fevah!

So does the Eye of Polyphemus 

Sweetnes and Light turns four today! 

Sundries Shack has bikini babes doing Star Wars? 

Stop the ACLU mourns the light bulb, a victim of the dimbulbs! 

A healthcare plan? No such thing! 

Mike knows life is good! 

Uh-Oh! Pat Austin has a to-do list! 

Oh no, don’t tell me Obama is going to play the victim card! 

Sister Toldjah has the latest example of Selective Outrage Syndrome from the Left!

There will be no astroturfing at Linkstock! So, as Kathy Shaidle points out, faking racism is out!

Flopping Aces has more on the Left’s love affair with buses! 

Saber Point reminds us that dissent is patriotism racism! 

Rick Moran is at Linkstock, but he is losing me! 

Founding Bloggers has a look at Democrats ,protests ,and Swastikas! 

GatewayPundit has more Leftist compassionthuggery!

Right of Course smells desperation! 

Dan Riehl has the Douchebag of the Day! Pundit & Pundette agree! but, I might nominate Paul Begala. Hot Air has the reason why. Newsbusters nominates Lawrence O’Donnell. I say they all deserve it!

The Gay Patriot has a report on a protest in Frisco 

Steve Burri has news that Lance had to undergo a death panel review! 

Protein Wisdom looks at ObamaCare Socialized medicine! 

William Teach has picture fun! 

IMAO wonder if Socialism was the new N-WORD! 

Patterico is bragging! 

Paco has some vintage Rule 5! 

Glenn Reynolds looks at the hovercraft! 

Interesting News Items reveals the stunning truth about Woodstock! 

Old Virginia gives us a history lesson 

Noah Johns says that global warming is killing Martians! 

Jammie Wearing Fool has more Democratic cowardice! 

Look at Jules, bragging about vacations! 

Carol at No Sheeples looks at demagogues and astroturfers!

Neo-Neocon wonders how Obamacare will treat foot in mouth disease? 

William Jacobson takes an interesting look at boycotts 

Grandma got run over by a health panel? 

Moonbattety has a great photoshop! 

Finally, we come to the blogging role model, Michelle Malkin who has the LIberal rules for protesting!

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