WAHOO! 100,000 hits! I guess that makes Ed and myslf “six-figure bloggers”!

Special thanks to several bloggers who helped, advised, taught, and inspired me and Ed! 

Michelle Malkin, RS McCain, Smitty, Lance and Steve Burri, Carolyn Tackett, Pat Austin, Theo Spark, Donald Duglas, Carol at No Sheeples, the folks at Babalu Blog, the Founding Bloggers, Sister Toldjah, Pundit & Pundette, William Teach, Doug Ross, Washington Rebel, and Deuce Geary


4 thoughts on “100,000!”

  1. Congrats to you both.

    This is the only time and place that I will be mentioned in the same list as those other bloggers.

    My first thought on 100,000 hits: That’s the same number of hits that Tim Tebow will take in the Gator backfield this season; 50,000 hits by defenders, 50,000 hits on the turf.

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