Your Marxist Moron of the Day!

None other than Mayor Nanny Bloomberg!

New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has repeatedly proven that he hates the U.S. Constitution and that he feels that he a right to harass any citizen he pleases — even ones that have broken no laws. But now he has also shown his lack of manhood because it has been revealed that Bloomberg is afraid of a 200-year-old style of rifle called a flintlock, the style that helped the founders defeat Mad King George in the Revolutionary War. The ancient shooter has Bloomie hiding under his sheets at night. Mad King Bloomie has initiated a harassment campaign against Michael Littlejohn, a city inhabitant that commissioned a handmade replica of a flintlock musket, the kind just like those the Continental Army used in the 1770s. Littlejohn apparently scared Bloomie when he brought the ancient model firearm to his Brooklyn Apartment. The quaking Bloomie has apparently directed that NYC police attempt to strong arm the history enthusiast to apply for a gun license even though the law says that flintlocks do not need to be registered or a license obtained to own one.

What the heck, I am also making Bloomberg my Daley Douchebag!

And speaking of douchebags, RS McCain, is really smacking douchers around with obvious glee!


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