A DaleyGator special report: Sarah Palin vs the Sexist Victim Pimps from the Left!

Sarah Palin, a woman who has been at the center 0f attacks by the Left in America, is, perhaps more than any other “minority” who dares stray outside the boundaries of accepted Leftist thought, an example of just how sexist, and racist the Left really is. More on that in a minute.

Sarah Palin, is, according to the Left, a minority. She is a woman, and, to the Left, needs defending an sheltering. I mean this must be true. The Left has been claiming that they fight for women, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians, Homosexuals, and any other “minority” identity they can think of for decades now.

The Left has wrapped themselves in the cloak of defenders of the fill in your minoritry group here. You would imagine, as you listen to the Left describe these “victim” classes, that anyone who discriminates, or attacks these groups would become the target for retribution. That is the myth the Left wants you to believe, and more importantly for the “victim classes” to believe.

In truth, the Left does not want to defend women, or Blacks, or Gays, they want to religate these groups to eternal victim status. By preaching to these groups that they are the victims of horrible discrimination, they seek to embitter them, and to make them believe their only hope lies in blindly supporting Leftist candidates, and ideology.

It is a scam, perpetuated far too often, and sadly far too successfully by the Democratic Party. Their goal is to create voting blocs that they can count on to turn out on election day and cast votes for the Democratic candidate. In short, they are working to create robotic voters that vote on a perception that their interests, which of course are completely dependent upon their gender or race, are best served by Democrats.

The main selling has always been that Republicans hate Blacks, want to hold women back, loathe Homosexuals, etc. Truth enters not into this insidious diatribe the Left screeches. Truth matters not, their means, no matter how dishonest, are always justified, in their clouded minds anyway, by their desire to  achieve their ends. These “victim classes” are merely tools. Tools to be used and exploited to gain power for Leftist politicians.

What happens when a member of the “victim classes” thinks differently though? What about those that seek to venture outside the carefully constructed boundaries that Democrats have designed to keep them in their place?

Well, for these there is no acceptance, no love, no understanding. No, rather than well wishes, they receive scorn, mockery, and full-out assaults upon their charcter. Whatever job they hold might become a target, and their family? Never off limits, not at all. Their personal lives are laid bare, to be examined by the same bottom-feeders who claim to despise any attack against minorities. The message is clear, we will defend and protect you, UNTIL you act in a way WE disapprove of. Then, we will seek to absolutely destroy you and everything you have.

Which brings me once more to Sarah Palin. You see, Palin is the clearest example of  the Left’s tactics, which I think should be called victim pimping. Sarah Palin could have, had she chosen a different path, a shining star of the Left. Young, charismatic, good loking, Sarah would be a valuable commodity to the Left. If only she had toed the Leftist lines of proper ideological conduct.

Sarah Palin, though, is not a Liberal, instead she is the exact opposite, a Conservative, the horrors! So, rather than celebrating this sexy, engaging, compassionate woman, the Left seeks to demolish Sarah Palin. Rather than sexy, she is a “Barbie doll bimbo”. Rather than engaging, she is pushy, ignorant, and trailer trash. Rather than compassionate, she is mean.

The missteps Palin took are many. And such mistakes cannot be tolerated by the Left.

Palin does not know her place of course. Her “place” is parroting Leftist talking points, and being eternally bitter.

Palin is not only pro-life, but she actually has acted on her beliefs. She dared not only to espouse the value of human life, but gave birth to  a special needs baby. The horrors!

Palin also committed the unpardonable sin of not only believing in the right to own guns, but actually owns guns and hunts! What kind of spokesperson could she be for the Liberals after such heinous acts? Instead of whining about her victimhood, Palin is out there acting as a free-thinker, who actually believes in individual responsibility? OH MY GOD! How does that help to further the lie that we should rely on government to do everthing for us?

Palin also dares to speak of fiscal responsibility? And about drilling for American oil? And tax cuts? Off with her head, and her families too!

Yes, even Palin’s son, Trig, who has Downs Syndrome, has been mocked, repeatedly, by the Left. If only Palin had read the handbook on Accepted Leftist Thinking by Minorities, she would have aborted Trig. Then she would be a hero to the misccreant Left! Then she would be a strong woman!

Now, we see reports of how Leftist bloggers are making up stories about Palin’s impending divorce, and affair with Newt Gingrich, or how she is really Barry Goldwater brought back to life, by Dick Cheney, or whatever other BS story these pinheads want to dream up. Oh, yes, I know, they have “sources”, so they MUST be telling the truth! Again, truth? Who needs that! The goal is the destruction of Sarah Palin here!

All of this illustrates how it is the Left that is sexist, and racist. It is they who seek to compel group-think upon minorities. It is they who wish to enslave monorities to eternal victimhood. And it is the Left that loathes anyone who dares to think for themselves!

One thought on “A DaleyGator special report: Sarah Palin vs the Sexist Victim Pimps from the Left!”

  1. Palin has a big problem which she had not yet shown a willingness to address if she is ever to become a meaningful player on the national political stage.

    She basically won’t venture out of Alaska.

    If you believe what Palin says, and why not, then it is easy to extrapolate from here love to Alaska and continuing to speak for Alaskans as a private citizen rather than speak for Americans.

    Here is the latest example.

    Gov Palin rejected an offer to speak at the Reagan library this week but yet instead chose to speak at an NRA meating in AL.

    Gov. Palin Gives “Stirring Speech” at Anchorage NRA Banquet.


    I say enough of the is national media BS coverage of Palin until she gets off of her butt and starts speaking in the lower 48 or for that matter even Hawaii.

    She is not a national poltical figure, a national media figure anything else national.

    She is an Alaskan and so far it appears that she will continue to stay locked up in Alaska.

    I say, forget about her until she decides to leave Alaska.

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