Michelle Malkin’s new book is released!

And Malkin Derangement Syndrome will surely ensue! And of course, here is a video of my blogging role model, that is sure to cause massive outbreaks of Offendeditis among the Left!

Give them Hell Michelle!

UPDATE!! Well the MDS and Offendeditis is already spreading. It seems the “tolerant” Left just hates Orientals who do not know their place! 

UPDATE!! Stacy McCain thinks the Left has a fear of Orientals on TV. I think they are just inolerant bigoted assholes myself.

4 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin’s new book is released!”

  1. Michelle, I was absolutely mesmerized by your appearance on Hannity last night. You were fantastic and I couldn’t wait to check out your website this morning. I sure hope
    you can your book out to everyone so America will know
    the truth.

  2. Michelle, You are a person I admire. I will be buying your new book and can’t wait to read it. I am on your side completely. Thank you for exposing the truth about the Obama administration. Thank you for your intelligence and hard work.

  3. michelle, thank you for writing this book you are a TRUE AMERICAN. we would never get the truth about the obama’s from the press and tv stations such as msnbc..cnn..abc..cbs..nbc..on and on.THANK YOU for getting the truth out.

  4. Michelle, I saw you on Hannity Monday night and am so proud of you. You represent those Filipinos who are so proud of this country (there’s lots of us). I can’t wait to purchase your book. Keep up the good work and stay strong. You will be getting alot of hate mail from the stupid left-wingers because you so are articulate and beautiful. You can handle them. You go girl!

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