Video of ESPN’s Erin Andrews nude?

Apparently so, Donald Douglas is using this info to test the famed Hot Babes Google Bomb theory ESPN is testing it’s how fast can our lawyers nail a pervert theory!

Seriously, this was a sick trick to pull, I hope Erin gets a chance to kick the guy in the nuts! Repeatedly! Seriously, this is a deplorable act that deserves, and shall receive some painful punishment.

Andrews, is a lovely woman, but, is also a hard working sports journalist that has never, to my knowledge, used her looks to advance her place at ESPN.

There is some debate among Conservative bloggers whether or not this type of story should be posted about. Why wouldn’t it be? It is news after all, and that is what bloggers do, we post news, comment on it, and there you go.

On a personal note, I am aware that Erin IS a graduate of the University of Florida, so, I would relish the opportunity to punch the punk who victimized her in his face! Or, maybe we just sentence hin to 15 minutes of being run over by Tim Tebow? Yes! I like that!

The Other McCain weighs in with a similar take in the “outrage” some are showing over Donald Douglas blogging about this.

Criminal voyeurism isn’t sexy. Nevertheless, crime is news, and the fact that so many people felt the need to comment on it just goes to show why the most famous headline in history was the New York Post’s “HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR.” Or, as Hunter S. Thompson observed in Hell’s Angels, “Every editor loves a good rape.”

Maybe this is another example of how New Media helps demystify what Old Media has been doing for years. Dr. Douglas shows you the strings in the puppet show — “Look, I’m shamefully exploiting prurient interest!” — and you say, “That’s disgusting!”

OK, so next time Greta Van Sustern flies off to a tropical island to search for the missing blonde teenager . . .

Very well said, Now if someone praises this act then yes, they deserve scorn, but simply posting about it? And the whole accusation that Douglas was only posting it to get hits? No other blogger EVER did that did they? No other blogger ever posted about anything unpleasant, or despicable, or came up with a headline to get traffic? Riiiiiiiight!

2 thoughts on “Video of ESPN’s Erin Andrews nude?”

  1. I’m pretty sure the issue wasn’t Dr. Douglas’ posting about the story, but his posting a link to the illegal video (so more people could “enjoy” Erin Andrews victimization, and the hits by the pervs looking for it could skyrocket), and his repeated defenses of same… especially his calling legit conservative female bloggers like Little Miss Attila and Cassandra of Villainous Company hypocrites and :::GASP::: feminists, because they don’t think he should’ve posted the link.

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