At least he spelled my name riggt~!

YES! I have made the headlines of the world’s most infamous blogger again! But look ast the headline.

DALEY GATOR: If either Stacy McCain’s wife or Jesse Malkin is reading this blog, it’s important to understand that Doug is just joking. Ha. Haha. Hahaha. He’s a barrel of laughs, that Doug, I tellya . . .

This is in responsde to my post entitled 

Robert Stacy McCain loves Michelle Malkin! where I noted how much Stacy loves Michelle’s new book. I also noted that in my opinion

Hey, every Conservative guy has a crush on Michelle….

Which, of course, is true. So, let me reassure Stacy, his lovely wife, and Michelle’s hubby that I meant that as a compliment. So, please do not hurt Stacy MaCain, he is a good guy. I mean he links my blog quite a bit, so,obviously he is OK!


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