Linktastical Saturday!

Another Saturday, and another venture into shameless link-whoring for hits! Late start today, I have been painting all day, but the linktasticalness must go forward! So, away we goes!

First up, the greatness of  Donald Douglas who takes Obama to task for perpetuating the RGS! Racial Grievance Crisis!

Walter Cronkite has passed on, the Anchoress takes a moment to remark

Babalu Blog has your non-shocking news about Communist thugs. They HATE honest elections! 

BCB, has wild mustangs, and Congress, together? MADNESS! 

Bluegras Pundit takes the easy shot, making fun of Two douchebag Senators! 

Bob is back, and knows the truth I know. Nerw York state is great, New Yorkers are a beating 

What could be in Carol’s Closet this week? Oh look, behind the twelve pairs of shoes, it is elitist politicians! 

Conservative Scalawag is talking about bitter judges! 

Illinois Conservative sees, as I do, that the words of George Orwell are looming larger everyday!

Doug Powers is pondering the wisdom of certain hospital signs 

Doug Powers has your Saturday rant 

Oh here is another thing that NEVER happened to me when I was in school! I feel cheated! 

Fausta has your obligatory ugly church art! 

I always thought Mike and Steve were  a couple of weenies. I was right!

The Founding Bloggers link Senator DeMint hatin’ on hate crime laws! 

Uh-Oh! The beatdown Barbara Boxer endured ain’t over yet! Gateway Pundit has audio/video.

Atheists, like Allahpundit, I have no problem with, radical Athiests who want to erae all mentions of God? Those pricks I have an issue with! 

IMAO has a list of Gaffetastical uttering that Joe Biden has given us. It is a LOOOONGGG list! 

How much is having your life saved? according to Jules $25,234

Left Coast Rebel has some advice for Obama! 

Once again, Michelle Malkin is right on target! 

Shocking news from Monique Stuart! 

NeoNeocon tells us that Europe is suffering from the early stages of Obamagasm Withdrawal Syndrome! Yep! The OWS!

No Sheeples is feeling pretty darned LINKTASTICAL today! Yeah baby! 

Obi’s Sister has lots of links! But none to me? Hmmmm 

Paco has some vintage Rule 5 

The President hates trees! Hey do not blame me. He said it! 

Jill at Pundit and Pundette knows where ObamaCare will lead! 

Dan Riehl is into giant weiners? Oh wait, I mean Dan is into talking about giant weiners. Oh wait, that isn’t right…..

Sara has your moment of Southern pratriotism! 

SisterToldjah has your idiotic Liberal of the day! 

Pat has her usual great Linktasticalness going on, but adds this, just to make me very thirsty!

Stormbringer brings us some really cool history today! 

Jimmie has a strange, but cool blog!

The Classic Liberal has some Rule 5 hotness! 

What kind of linktasticalness would I be practicing if I did not pay homage to the Godfather of LINKTASTICALNESS! 

I usually link toTheo Spark for the hot women! And today is no different, BUT, as an added bonus, I am throwing in a link to a great photo shop Theo has up 

Rule 5? 3 Beers Later has more

Lance Burri is different somehow

7 thoughts on “Linktastical Saturday!”

  1. Haaay! Mike is no way in my class as a weenie! He’s like a Vienna Sausage (weenie) and I’m like a Lambeau tailgater’s bratwurst (WEENIE).

  2. Just an FYI, I haven’t had 12 pairs of shoes since prior to breaking my leg two years ago. It is ugly ass flats for me now. Prior to that, oh yeah! Imelda Marcos eat. your. heart. out!

  3. The leg is okay. I need one more surgery (how often do you hear of someone damn near dying from a broken bone?) My Dad asked me to promise this weekend that I would take care of it, the result of the ten thousandth conversation about why I, he, refuse(s) to take better are of myself (ourselves). I’ve smashed every prediction my doctors had for me but my ultimate goal is to wear that ultimate killer pair of shoes I bought a couple months ago in a fit of pure insanity. Wish me luck.

  4. “Walter Cronkite has passed on…”

    And may that treasonous, commie-loving, piece of shit ass clown rot in eternal hellfire!

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