Patriotic Saturday Linkapalooza!

Today is about America, the greatest nation in the history of mankind. I say that for two reason. First, it is the truth. Second, it drives tree-hugging, ACLU speed-dialing, freaking out because they saw a cross, America bashing, Marx-loving Leftists nuts! And there is no greater joy than irritating those pinheads!

Now, having gotten that out of my system, on to the first ever, ultra-spectacular, never to be equaled in greatness, DaleyGator Patriotic Linkapalooza!

I start with Donald Douglas, who has donned his hazmat suit and is wading through the cesspool of Palin Derangement Syndrome and speaking of PDS, look at what Pundette & Pundit found. Wow, still making fun of a special needs baby?

Babalu Blog is helping us recall just what today IS all about!

In Carol’s Closet we find lots of patriotism, and links!

Leftist Fascism? Confederate Yankee has the story.

What is it that we should all remember on July 4th? Why what won our freedom from England. God first and foremost. Guts, our first patriots risked everything they had. Guns! Liberals hate that fact, as they see guns as the ultimate symbol of our liberty. Imagine if the George Washington’s army had these arms to bear! 

Conservative Scalawag has details of a Tea Party he attended.

The song of the day? A true rock classic

Doug Powers looks at the newest sure-to-never-fail pickup line, from Burger King? Personally, I think driving a car like this would attract more women.

Some sage advice from Fail Blog. Never teach your toddler to use a phone! 

Fausta thinks Sarah Palin is blowing it! 

Mike wonders if Sarah Palin is just too normal To be in politics he means. I think he is right about the normal, non-political part. But that is also why I think she will succeed in politics. Americans are increasingly SICK of politics!

Gateway Pundit has the Linkapalooza fever too.

Steve Burri reminds us why we should fight to keep America great. The Americans who will live after we are gone. Steve also bestows an award to this blog. Thanks! You are right Steve, I am great! And humble too!

The American spirit of liberty is not dead. It lives acrioss our land, and in the Honduras as Hot Air tells us.

Infidels are cool, which I do not link enough, has some thoughts on this day

Is CNN’s Rick Sanchez a douchebag? Yes, according to this from Bluegrass Pundit 

Jamie Wearing Fool has the latest on spontaneous Obamagasms from the media. This time they are having naughty thoughts about Michelle it seems. No word if Chris Matthew’s legs are smoking a cigarette.

The Left Coast Rebel has it bad for Sarah Palin. I cannot say that I blame him.

My blogging role model has patriotism coming out of her ears and with good reason, I mean she is getting linked not just once, not twice, but thrice in Linkapalooza! The last link I offer from Michelle salutes the founder of for saluting America! This raises two questions in my mind. First, will this change the tune of certain Conservatives who condemn Go Daddy for featuring hot women in their ads. Second, could this mean we will one day see Michelle Malkin in one of those ads? Hmmmm

 The cost of Obamacare? Monique Stuart thinks it will be higher than they tell us.

Moonbattery reminds us that under Marxism Obamaism some animals are less equal 

No Sheeples is all over the Linkapalooza patriotism. That is one fine blog!

Obi’s Sister has a Palinpalooza post you should read.

Old Virginia posts a clip from one of my favorite films, The Patriot!

Paco Enterprises salutes July 4th, and links a story about IDDS! Independence Day Derangement Syndrome, yes, that IS a Daley Gator original!

William Teach, who linked me earlier this week, has definitely got Linkapalooza Fever! 

Pundit & Pundette, who link me and send me lots of traffic, have my gratitude and a heck of a lot of patriotism! 

Saber Point has Mark Levin’s reaction to the Palin news. You know, Mark geneally has the good sense to agree with me. Will he this time? Read my post on Sarah and then listen to mark, see if he is on board.

Sarah Way Down South, says something I totally agree with about Sarah Palin

But this is what I don’t get. Many of us sit around saying we’re tired of the same old ways of doing things. We’re tired of the same old politicians. We have the tea parties, we protest, we blog, we twitter, we wear t-shirts and put up signs and bumper stickers, we wear our feelings on our sleeves. So when someone comes along who embodies everything we want in a leader, why is it that we turn our collective nose up at them. Why don’t we give her a chance to be that person. Why don’t we take her at her word and see what she has to offer? We say we’re tired of “politics as usual,” but when someone comes along who is anything but your usual politician, who doesn’t “play the game” just because that’s the way everyone else does it, we freak out. Is it because we don’t know how to react? Is it because we are so jaded and skeptical? Is it because so many of us have become complacent and allow the media to filter our thoughts? I honestly don’t have the answer to that question.

AMEN Sarah! We do do that, think Fred Thompson, many Conservatives did the same thing.

Sister Toldjah, a great patriot, offers her Palin thoughts. 

Pat Austin, as usual, is all over the linkapalooza! 

The Sundries Shack offers us patriotism, and the greatness of Ray Charles! 

You know, you cannot talk fireworks, patriotism, or linkapalooza without honoring The Other McCain, you simply cannot do it!

Fir the life of me I cannot understand why I keep linking Theo Spark! Oh yeah, that is why!

TigerHawk has the always important Fireworks Safety Video! 

Troglo Pundit has the right idea! And he has seen the error of not checking out this blog often enough! Good man!

Warner Todd Huston is talking about history. Good stuff! 

A great video from Washington Rebel

More Palin thought from Wizbang 

OK folks, that is it! I am off to do something, not sure what, until the Dallas Tea Party so, have a great day! Happy Birthday America!

4 thoughts on “Patriotic Saturday Linkapalooza!”

  1. It’s no surprise that all the leftists out there are trying to dream up some sinister ulterior motive behind Palin’s resignation, because there’s no leftist politician who would ever give up her job for the good of her constituents or her family. It never occurs to these parasites that someone might actually be telling the truth when they say they’re stepping down because they can no longer be effective, due primarily to the continuous petty attacks of their political opponents. Leftists have to infuse some imagined scandal into the equation, because if she were one of their own, she’d have to be on the verge of being arrested for a major felony before she’d even consider resigning from a job that she’s almost guaranteed to hold for the next 5 years. It’s basic psychology really… when you’re corrupted by an ideology founded upon ignorance, immorality and deception, you cannot imagine anyone else not behaving exactly as you would in any given situation. Leftists need to believe that Palin is a lying, thieving piece of trash, because that’s precisely what the leaders of their ideological movement are. The only difference in their minds is that Palin isn’t a lying, cheating, piece of trash leftist, and for that offense she must be punished.

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