RS McCain’s advice to scorned wives

Just shoot the two-timing son of a bitch! 

Really, Mrs. Sanford, just shoot the two-timing son of a bitch. Please. No jury in South Carolina would ever convict you. While you’re at it, go ahead and shoot that worthless son of a bitch Lindsey Graham — another guaranteed mistrial, because there would be at least one jury member who’d figure Lindsey needed killing.

You’d be more popular with the base than Sarah Palin.

And no, he is not serious, so please no fake outrage!

3 thoughts on “RS McCain’s advice to scorned wives”

  1. So some back-bencher politician from South Carolina cheated on his wife… BIG WHOOP! Is this really national news? For the love of God, we’ve got an economy in the toilet, lunatics running our Congress and a Marxist President who thinks that killing babies as they’re being born is perfectly okay. We’ve got North Korea threatening to bomb Hawaii, a civil war in Iran, Islamic crazies trying to gain control of Pakistan’s nukes, and our troops are now mirandizing captured terrorists in Afghanistan. Maybe it’s just me, but this guy’s infidelity is about the very last thing we should be concerned with right now.

    1. I guess, it has to do with him being considered by some, one of the leading Conservative hopefuls for 2012. But, yep, OTS more important things going on right now. Like the Cap and Trade vote on Friday!

  2. Leading conservative hopefuls? This guy has the personality of stale toast, if you ask me. Hell, how many people outside of South Carolina have ever even heard of him before? What does this dude have that a dozen other governors don’t? His personality is nothing special. He’s not particularly handsome. He obviously isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. What makes anyone think he was capable of leading the pack in 2012? I don’t buy it. I think he’s a back-bencher who was never going to be anything but governor of South Carolina.

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