Saturday Link Mania

Not really feeling too great today, but, the Link Fest must go on!

Let’s start off with Weasel Zippers and Obama’s take on Iran. Apparently, he is very concerned with the “tone” of the Mullahs.

The Washington Rebel is talking about Seattle being stuck in the 1960’s

Proud to be Conservative? Then Warner Todd Huston says SHOW IT!

TrogloPundit is, well, I am not sure WHAT he is doing. but, rest asured, it is worth taking a look.

TigerHawk wants us to know the power of failure?

Ah, here is something VERY important. Sexy Hot Latin Cheerleaders!

This Ain’t Hell has the Saturday Link Fest Fever too

Theo Spark is giving golfing tips And, I must say, babes in bikinis DO make golf more interesting

The Right Scoop has a story of the power of mothers

The Other McCain is in Full Metal Jacket Reach Around mode

The People’s Cube has a very disturbing photo here

According to S&L Sonia Sotomayor thinks Latina women can break legs better than any old White dude!

Pat Austin is celebrating LSU’s great run in the college World Series by going link carzy!

Another blogger of note is addicted to being an eternal victim its seems I guess even Conservatives can be stricken with some Liberal Malady. This sounds like a cae of Offendeditis

Sister Toldjah takes note of how “toned down” Obama is about Iran

UH-OH! Looks like Barbara Boxer is Off Saberpoints BFF list

Fathers Day is on the mind at Pundit & Pundette

For those of you wondering why Ron Paul voted against the resolution on Iran, William Teach has the scoop

Paco is talking Tim Blair

What does Not Tucker Carlson have? WEll great news you should read of course, even if they have not linked a certain great blog yet

More reach arounds from No Sheeples

Are your feelings hurt? Was your overly sensitive ego bruised? Moonbattery can help!

Sorry? Not Monique

Michelle Malkin is focusing on Iran. If only Obama had Michelle’s focus. Or Mark Steyn’s for that matter

IMAO has a great Top Ten

Has the Obamamania Express DERAILED?

Grandpa John gave us this

Gateway Pundit has the latest on Iran’s crackdown

Fisherville Mike has big news

Here is welcome news from the Conservastive Scalawag

What is in Carol’s Closet today? Why, a link to me! Thanks Carol! Oh, make that TWO for me!

Oh look kids, Donald Douglas is beating on the same “Conservative” that RS McCain was! Wow! It must SUCK to be named Conor!

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