Wait, are you sorry, or not sorry, or…..

Monique Stuart has a great post about the Senate apologizing for slavery

All this makes me think is that the Senate is full of a bunch of idiots. Did we really need a resolution apologizing for slavery? Do these people have nothing better to do with their time? I hope they are only apologizing for themselves. No one I have ever met in my life owned a slave. I have nothing to be sorry for. Slavery was wrong, but I’m not the one that committed that wrong so this apology better not be on my behalf.

Well said! I mean if we ARE to start issuing apologies to dead folks, we best start with our Founders for allowing the great Constitution they gave us to become a forgotten document. How about all those veterans who died to keep us free? How do we repay them? By allowing our freedom’s to be slowly siphoned away. Good grief! Do not even get me started!

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