Not much of a fight really

One of my blogging role models, R.S. McCain is taking great delight in smacking Conor Friedersdorf around in a debate over what a “Conservative’ really is.

As the title of this blog post indicates, this is not really a good scrap at all. In fact, I cannot recall witnessing such a beating since my uncle Earl decided to put Christmas decorations on the neighbors roof after shaking Jim Beam’s hand three too many times. Our neighbor, a former Green Beret did not, to put it mildly, like a drunken man putting Santa and his Reigndeer on his roof. I wonder if Earl ever got that plastic Santa’s head out of his………… Ah, never mind.

Anyway, if you want to see a classic deate beat down, where NO Christmas decorations OR drunken uncle’s are defiled, here ya go

Oh, and I must note that in his beating down of Conor What His Face, McCain makes a troubling confession.

Oh, and guess what I ate for supper last night? A soy burger (Morningstar Farm Zesty Tomato Basil) on whole wheat bread. It was delicious.


You ate a what? A soy burger? A tomato basil soy burger at that? What next sir, flavored ice tea?  Robert McCain, I will pray extra hard for you sir.

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