R.S. McCain sucks, and so do I!

One of my favorite blogging role models, Robert Stacy McCain sucks! He even says so, so it must be true. What really sucks about his sucking though is this. Apparently I have caught the BSV(Blogger Suckage Virus) from him.

He did not make these lists of best blogs, apparently because he sucks! I thought nothing of this obvious travesty, until I noted that I didn’t make the either, hence The next bit of evidence of my SUCKALICIOUSNESS? This list of the hottest Conservatve male bloggers. No RS McCain, and no ME either! Again, SUCKAPALOOZA!

The worst though? Just as RS McCain is heartachy, yes, I think that is a word I just made up, and yes, it probably SUCKS too! Anyway, McCain claims he REALLY knows he sucks because, he defended Michelle Malkin, and received no links from Allahpundit

As if to add an emphatic exclamation mark to this message, Allahpundit punctuated it unmistakably. I’d compiled a massive aggregation on the Playboy/Cimbalo “HateF***Gate” scandal, and then composed an editorial titled “Fire Them All, Mr. Flanders.”

Surely, as a stirring defense of The Boss, you might think this would merit linkage. You would be wrong. In fact, to emphasize how badly I suck, Allah linked another writer.

I can’t complain. To externalize blame by scapegoating Allah would be to evade personal responsibility for my own infinite suckitude. If Allah hates me — and who could doubt he does? – it is all my fault

Well, Allah might hate RS McCain, he might well hate me too. I really do not care about that. But, just like RS McCain sees proof  of his SUCKTASTICALNESS by Allah’s NOT linking him, I have my own heartbreaking proof of my SUCKTACULARNESS!

Recentky I not only roundly defended Michelle Malkin from unwarranted attacks. I also inducted her into my Politically Correct Hall of Fame. Yet, no linkage from my blogging role model.

Doug's blogging role model
Doug's blogging role model

Heartache! That, my friends is when it hit me like a freight train, I can’t blame Michelle, I just have to accept that well I SUCK AS BAD AS THE OTHER MCCAIN!

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