Saturday Morning Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around post

Let’s get right to it

This story caught the eye of the Weasel Zippers, and with good reason. A teacher fired for being too patriotic? That could NEVER EVER happen in our Liberal education system could it?

The Washington Rebel lists 26 reason Democrats will not be getting any gifts from him. How intolerant

Slippery slopes and water slides have Warner Todd Huston’s attention

The Best and Worst things I ever spent money on? Why does the Purple Avenger want to know about that? But, OK, I will play along. The best? Why the money spent going to Colorado to hike these trails and see sites like this and this and this and this. The worst money I ever spent? I actualy, in my younger days, bought a case of this crap! I am still haunted by that.

Donald Douglas is covering the news that Obama might not get an invitation to the next Gay Pride March. It seems Obama, according to Douglas anyway, is a “feline” when it comes to backing up his campaign promises.

Becky Brindle takes Salon’s Joan Walsh to task for defending infanticide. You go Becky!

Blue Crab Boulevard is reporting that China is not so enthused about the whole reducing carbon emissions deal.

Lance Burri is having fun mocking the screwy math of Democrats.

TigerHawk found an interesting name for a business.

Theo Spark reminds us to thank the inventor of bikinis! WOW!

The Other McCain is not optimistic about our economy, YIKES!

Carolyn Tackett is in shock, she has actually agreed with Bill Maher. Now that IS scary!

Speaking of scary, I cannot count the number of times I have asked myself if it ws OK to use a taser on a 72-year-old woman. Y’all have wondered about that I am sure. Well, GOOD news! Cassy Fiano answers it.

The Conservative Scalawag is shocked

And I am digging this blogs song of the day

Doug Powers is amazed at what Obama expects us to believe. I can sympathize with Doug. Liberal inconsistency has puzzled me for years.

Speaking of puzzled, Sweetness and Light is exposing the Democrats way of being bi-partisan. That AIN’T bi-partisan.

Media bias anyone? Stop the ACLU has a double helping to fill your gut! Those damned White people!

Pat Austin has some laughs for us.

Ah, more media bias, well, something even more inane than media bias

This is Maureen Dowd bias that the Slublog has unearthed

One of my blogging role models, the beautiful Sister Toldjah is digging into Leftist hypocrisy. I hope she brought a back ho, that is a LOT of digging!

Dan Rhiel is giving Obam credit for election turmoil in Iran. Hmmmmm

Look at this, Red State is taking a look at the Left’s new love for profiling.

Pundette is a big fan of  Mark Steyn and with very good reason

Public Secrets, on the other hand, is a fan of strange stories like , well go read it yourself

That story is almost, but not quite as stranged as this one from William Teach. The Left thinks Neocons want Iran to re-elect Ahmadinejad.

Paco Enterprisesl has an assortment of interesting items for us to peruse.

Grandpa John brings us an adorable fishing story, which, despite it’s cuteness, will no doubt deeply offend PETA!

Apparently the Taliban is obsessed with Obama’s ass. Well at least I think what Gateway Pundit is saying

Hot Air is all over the latest screw-up by Team Obama.

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